What do you need to own a car in Dubai?

What do you need to own a car in Dubai?
Cars are an essential tool for ease of mobility. While others have termed it a metric for defining class, perhaps this would be reconsidered, as the UAE [United Arab Emirates] is a developing country, and has a good hand on its transport network, let alone Dubai, a megacity with the comfortable and timely transport network system. A typical example is the Metro, amongst other seamless transport options in Dubai. 

Nonetheless, convenience is relative, and there are other reasons people have also considered owning a car in Dubai. Many of which fall into the category of raising a family, ex-pats, or public figures who would rather enjoy the company of themselves, away from the spotlight. Whatever be your choice, today’s topic will guide you on how to go about getting a car in Dubai without hassles. 

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What do you need to own a car in Dubai? 
It may not be the most financially prudent decision due to the high expenses, however, purchasing a new automobile is prevalent in Dubai, with the region's highest rate of 580 cars per thousand inhabitants, some numbers! 

Owning a car should come with having a mental picture of what you intend to get. This would help streamline your search, perhaps based on purpose, fuel efficiency, brand, and cost. All these riddles should have been solved before time, to avoid good problems and time consumption. 
While you may be considering a new car or used one, certain essentials may be required of you to own as paperwork, they are listed below. 

1. Passport and a copy of it. 
2. Emirates ID. 
3. Valid UAE residency. 
4. A valid UAE or GCC driving license is required. 
5. Employer's salary certificate. 
6. No objections letter from employer. 
7. How much does it cost to own a car in UAE? 

Owning a car in the UAE is pretty on the high side, especially since the transport network would almost serve you better in the long run.
Certain things determine the cost of owning a car in UAE, they are: 

1. Car brand. 
2. Year of car 
3. The transmission. 
4. State of the car. [brand new/used] 
5. Value of the car. 
6. Value of insurance. 

Considering the list of options, there could be variations to the place of putting a fixed value to the cost of owning a car in the UAE. It is advisable you sample opinions from experts before settling for a pick. 

Is it expensive to own a car in Dubai? 
Well, again, the choice of car you drive could be a determinant and your actual demographic. 

Considering the good road network, you have few worries on wear and tear, unless in the possible case of accidents either by you or third party, which your insurance policy covers for you. The ultimate thing to worry about asides from picking the car of choice would be the fuel efficiency of the car. 

How fuel-efficient a car is would determine how often you fuel your car, in proportion to the distance you cover.  

Another could be servicing the car; however, this shouldn’t be a burden if you have a good road, fewer accidents [with insurance covering], and a short distance to cover with the car. 

Can a foreigner buy a car in UAE? 
The UAE is a home for all, little wonder a vast of its population are immigrants. Foreigners can buy a car in the UAE without any hassle since it is almost a necessity to them for status symbol than the purpose of its service. 

If a foreigner has his/her papers up to date, owning a car becomes seamless. 

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