What does a web designer and developer do?

What does a web designer and developer do?
For many times than a few, people have been quick to pass the job description of a job title for another based on what best appears right to them.  

While I won't be quick to blame anyone for mixing things up, some of these things are quite similar after all that it takes only those in the field to decipher the jargon. 

A good example of this feat is the identification of job title between the Web designer vs the Web developer, and more importantly their job descriptions. 

Today’s topic will help clarify these job descriptions and the roles they play to the clients and users. 

Who is a Web designer? 
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A web designer is an IT expert who is in charge of a website's layout, visual look, and usability. A skilled web designer must be able to combine aesthetic and technical abilities.

Web designers help to create the visual elements of websites. They understand how to create a website that is both functional and user-friendly, as well as visually attractive to the general audience.

What does a Web designer do? 
A web designer does a handful of things in the creation of a website, and some of them are listed below for your guide. 
1. The visual features of web pages are created by a web designer. 
2. They assist clients in meeting with them, either online or in-person, to have a better knowledge of the desired message to be sent on the website. 
3. A Web designer provides the layouts, designs, and features that present the client's services to the target audience in an appealing manner. 
4. The Web designer aids in the selection of appropriate colours, fonts, layouts, and pictures that contribute to the website's overall personality. 
5. They determine the web pages' responsiveness and usability. 

Who is a Web developer? 
A Web developer is a programmer that specializes in the creation of programs for the internet or distributed network applications, using programming languages such as HTML/CSS, C#, Java, Ruby, and PHP. 

A Web developer or a website or Web application's back end, or programming, is normally the responsibility of a Web developer who uses authoring or scripting languages to build websites. 

What does a Web developer do? 
A Web Developer is in charge of writing code that instructs websites on how to run. Front-end/client-side development or back-end/server-side development are their specialties. 

1. Creating functioning code from wireframe drawings. 
2. Creating a site's architecture and content. 
3. Including utility and responsiveness in the design. 
4. Getting a website up and running. 
5. Sites are being updated and renovated. 
6. Fixing problems and malfunctions, as well as troubleshooting. 

What then is the distinction between a Web developer and a Web designer?
1. Web designers create images, UX, and UI components to develop ideas and the aesthetic of a website. 
2. Front-end, back-end, and full-stack web developers are among the several categories of web developers. UX, UI, and graphic designers are the three primary categories of web designers. 
3. The technical expertise of complicated programming languages and frameworks is required of web developers. While some research and analysis are required, the function of a web designer is mainly focused on the aesthetic and creative aspects of a website. 
4. Developers focus on functionality and structure, whereas designers focus on aesthetics and usability. 
5. Coding libraries and frameworks, code versioning and issue tracking platforms like GitHub and Jira, hosting control panels and FTP clients, and content management systems (CMSs) are all used by web developers. 
6. Web designers employ Photoshop, a content management system like WordPress, and a website builder like Elementor, as well as wireframing and prototype tools. 

I believe having read through, you have a clearer understanding of what each job title and job description represents, and this would ripple to your pattern of communication and information bank if not anything. 
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