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What Does a Web Development Company Do?

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It is often said that: if the purpose of a thing is yet unknown, abuse is certainly inevitable. While the place of value may be understood relatively without a Veblen effect, the place of having a full grasp of in-depth knowledge in one’s field of business is sacrosanct. Many a time, business owners' site amazing business plans and models for their goods/services; business plans that should fly, having considered all factors based on human comprehension and control measures for the unforeseen, yet they do little less than projected. Perhaps mind-blowing ideas and carefully thought business plans are not the only parameters to lay focus on.

One of the best feelings I cherish and look forward to is going to see my Tailor. Let me be quick to mention that I am not from the Upper class of the food chain, but my Tailor, based on his expertise always makes me look way better, I’m talking about looking like a Noble in his high sense of bespoke deliveries. It may not come cheap, but it sure gives me a better perception, such that I have a better image that comes to mind when we meet or I'm seen. This feeling is intentional, and more importantly vital to what I do. For a better understanding of this article, permit me to say that a Website Development Company like The Watchtower Dubai is as a Tailor to every Business owner, since they help give a better image to the brand and increase your chances of warm reception and acceptability to what you pitch.

What is Website Development?

In simple terms, it is the building and maintenance of websites or private networks. for emphasis, we could say it is the thorough work that happens behind the scenes to make a website work fast and perform tasks with the best of user experience. Web development focuses more on coding and programming than the design of a website.

Web development can be broken into three tiers, they are:


This is also known as Front side coding, which is the code that runs in your browser. This code usually comes in JavaScript, since this is the only language that every browser understands. It covers things like Menu, Colours, Layout, and anything seen on the user interface.


The Server-side is also known as the backend is essentially the part of a website that the user doesn’t see. It is solely responsible for storing and organizing data, also ensuring that everything on the client-side runs smoothly. It does this by continuously communicating with the front end.


The database, as the name implies, contains all of the files and content required to keep a website running, and it is stored in such a way that it is easy to retrieve, organize, edit, and save. It is important to note that the database is hosted on a server and that most websites employ some form of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) for a robust delivery.

What does a Web Development Company in Dubai do?

Going by the analogy, they simply listen to what you have in mind and make that image a visible effect on the development of your mobile or web interface. 

Website Development Companies are responsible for developing a website that meets the needs of the client as well as the customer or end-user. With a primary scope of work as developing, designing, building, and maintaining websites or applications, they serve as a middle point between the Client, Designers, and Stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the Client's intent for the overall look and function of the website or app as the case may be. 

Any Web Development Company would aim to create consistent and efficient Web applications and services going by the varying necessities of clients.

Some Roles of a Website Development Company includes: 

  • Using programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, XML, PHP, to write and develop new applications and websites.
  • Designing the architecture of the applications.
  • Integrating graphics, audio, and video into the applications.
  • Carrying out Quality Assurance (QA) testing and troubleshooting on the applications or websites in different browsers before presenting the application to end-users.
  • Identifying and resolving bugs or issues with live websites or applications.
  • Adding and testing new features on running websites to ensure proper performance
  • Creating APIs [Application Program Interfaces] to enhance performance in data exchange applications.

Benefits of having a Website as a Business or a Company

  • Increase in your Search Engine Optimization ranking.
  • A better image and understanding of your website and its services.
  • You tend to win the trust of prospective customers.
  • You would have a working and reliable website.
  • A good website would always translate to sales.

 Every business owner needs the service of a Web Development Company to exceptionally thrive in the new world order.

For more information on Website Development, Digital Marketing, and SEO, you can always trust The Watchtower, the best and award-winning Website Development Company in Dubai.

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