What does my Admiral Policy cover?

What does my Admiral Policy cover?
Unless your vehicle is registered as off-road, you must have car insurance (SORN). However, the amount of car insurance you purchase is entirely up to you and is not mandated by law; there are three types of car insurance, and the policies vary depending on the policy and insurer.

Are Admiral contents new for old?
New for old home contents insurance replace a stolen or damaged beyond repair item with a new object of equal value. It is frequently provided as a standard feature on comprehensive home insurance policies.

If you have new-for-old contents insurance, it will cover the cost of replacing any items you claim for with new ones of the same type. If the exact item is no longer available, you should still be able to purchase a comparable item of the same value.

How much does content insurance cost?
Factors that increase the likelihood of damage or destruction to your home and contents – and thus the likelihood of a payout will typically raise the cost of your home insurance. The amount of coverage you purchase will also influence how much you pay for it.

Here's a rundown of some of the factors that insurers consider when calculating the monthly cost of a home insurance policy your premium:

Whether you're insuring your home, its contents, or both, If you decide to add optional types of coverage, such as accidental damage, portable item coverage, and motor burnout,

What is a high-risk item Admiral?
Any rare or unusual collectable article Audiovisual, photographic, or sporting equipment

  1. Computers, laptops, tablets, and notebooks are all examples of electronic devices.
  2. Jewellery, watches, and pearls
  3. Photographs, prints, or works of art
  4. Precious metals and gemstones
  5. Collections of stamps, coins, or other items
  6. Instruments of music
  7. Furs
This coverage isn't included with any of our policies, so if you have any prized possessions, you'll need to tell us about them when you apply for insurance.

The Platinum package is Admiral's highest level of home protection, designed for those who want extra security and peace of mind. Admiral Platinum covers both buildings and contents.

Buildings insurance protects you against damage and loss to your structure, which includes outbuildings, exterior and interior walls, roofs, and flooring. Contents insurance covers you if your belongings are lost, damaged, or stolen. Admiral Platinum, Admiral's premium home insurance product, includes some additional benefits as standard.

Admiral provides a variety of home insurance policies and types. Because not all policies and types are available through our website, the specific levels of coverage and benefits may differ. We recommend that you check the coverage and benefits included before purchasing home insurance.

Does Admiral cover subsidence?
If you have home insurance with admiral your policy will cover your loss or damage caused by subsidence but not if due to the following normal settlement compaction or shrinkage.

What is the difference between Admiral gold and platinum?
Admiral Gold home insurance is Admiral's mid-level home insurance package. It could be for you if you're looking for a decent level of cover from a standard home insurance solution that also includes some useful extra benefits.

The Platinum package is Admiral's highest level of home protection, designed for those who want extra security and peace of mind. Admiral Platinum covers both buildings and contents.

What is cover away from home?
Typically, an add-on to your homeowner's insurance. 'Cover away from your home' contents cover can protect your prized possessions from loss or damage while they are outside of your home.

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