What Ghost Platform Can Offer You

What Ghost Platform Can Offer You
People often visit a supermarket intending to purchase an item or two due to preferences and brand loyalty. This action usually happens when you have an idea of what you intend to purchase, especially when restocking. 

In some exceptional instances, the need to consider another brand, product, or service usually comes up when a service failure or a curious mind is seeking a better service or product. This is one thing digital and virtual workers do from time to time, seeking new tools that make their work process easier while enjoying more visibility. 

In this new post, I will be sharing with you a new insight into the world of writing, especially for people who enjoy blogging and all that centers around getting heard. You will understand what the Ghost entails, and what edge it has over other writing platforms. Perhaps you might consider Ghost for a change.

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What is a ghost? 

Ghost is a new media creator's tool that helps creatives create, publish, distribute, and develop a company around their work. 

Ghost provides exciting features like contemporary tools for creating websites, publishing content, sending newsletters, and, like every other writing platform of a similar nature, charging users for subscriptions. 

Ghost is a website builder that accommodates an endless array of website creation and blogging. 

What makes Ghost a unique platform? 

Ghost is an open-source blogging platform, which makes it a considerable tool compared to its counterparts. Ghost offers writing and publishing features for bloggers and publishers that identify with other website builders. 

It is likened to a website builder that enables a content management system [CMS], which is accomplished by using a mix of authoring tools, newsletters, subscriptions, and email list-building services. 

What are the benefits of using Ghost? 

  1. The Ghost platform provides an architecture to cater to your SEO tools. 
  2. With just a click, you can install and set up your Themes.  
  3. You can use and download it for free. You are free to host your website and take as much time as you need to set it up. 
  4. The Pro plans provide premium service at a reasonable price for managed hosting. 
  5. Ghost also has distinctive publishing and writing options, like configurable post layouts, HTML [Hypertext Markup Language] inserts, and author guest invitations. 

How Ghost platform works. 

Unlike WordPress, Ghost has a clean, simple user interface. Ghost is a blogging software designed just for blogs.  

It does not have a free hosted plan, and you are also not in any way constrained to the hosted version. No matter which Ghost version you are using, you can upload your themes and content using FTP [File Transfer Protocol]. 

With the Ghost platform, there is no need for other plugins because Ghost's core already has social sharing options and SEO settings. 

Is Ghost good for e-Commerce? 

Although Ghost is not an eCommerce platform, it might be an excellent option to convert your blog into a straightforward online store if you have the necessary tools. 

It is a terrific choice for creating an online store due to its SEO-friendly features, wonderful user interface, optimized mobile experience, and scalability. 

Does Ghost enable SEO tools? 

Ghost is a free publishing platform that gives your website a lot of unique SEO features by popular demand. 

With the right configuration, you can be sure that your Ghost blog posts will enjoy Google rankings on SERPs [Seach Engine Result Pages], driving plenty of organic search traffic back to your website. 


Ghost is a JavaScript-based, open-source blogging platform that is free to use and provided under the MIT License. It was created to make it easier for both individual bloggers and web publishers to publish content online.
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