What happens after Brittney Griner's prisoner swap with Russia?

What happens after Brittney Griner's prisoner swap with Russia?
I finally agree that movies are inspired by true-life events. The scenes we see in those blockbusters are based on real-life experiences and just slightly tweaked for our viewing pleasure. While Russia is always known for its strong military defense, stealth, and armory, they often find roles in most movies as villains or awkward covert operations between the USA and the Russian government. 

Earlier in the year, in February 2022, the Russian government and Ukraine began their war, which has made both countries a frequent subject in the news with each passing day. While both countries are not in the NATO community, this has made individual countries rely on their arsenals and ballistics to defeat the other, or perhaps have them settle, many countries and private entities have supported the cause of either of the countries for personal interest till the war ends, no one saw a swap between the Russian government and the USA coming, at least not most of us. 

This post will provide you with the latest interaction between the US government and Russia after they concluded a swap of their citizens receiving jail terms in the other country. You will see and understand what each of the governments saw to broker this swap deal and what the masses/audience consider on the move. 

Was there a swap between the US government and Russia? 

For as many who have followed the news on the popular female basketball star from Phoenix Mercury who was found guilty of illegal possession of narcotics by the Russian government in February, it is good to know that a swap was conducted between her and Viktor Bout, an alleged Russian arms dealer with the moniker “Merchant of Death” and both parties have been released as mediated by the UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

It was earlier recorded that Brittney Griner, who was arrested at Moscow Airport for having vape cartridges containing a small quantity of cannabis oil found in her luggage, pleaded guilty to the charge, owning that it was an honest mistake. This supposed mistake was not received well by the Russian government, especially when it happened days after Russia invaded Ukraine in February. 

Who negotiated the release of Brittney and Viktor? 

The UAE and Saudi Arabia sponsored mediation efforts that resulted in the release of US basketball star Brittney Griner as part of a prisoner exchange between Russia and the United States. 

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the success of the mediation led by President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for the release and exchange of the two prisoners in a joint statement. 

According to the ministries, the success of the mediation efforts reflected the mutually beneficial and strong relationship between their two countries, as well as the United States of America and the Russian Federation. 

Was the release and exchange of Viktor Bout a good move for the US? 

While the US government had always stood and shown its stance on how important every life of a citizen is, this move was considered to have favored the Russian government more than the US government. 

It was recorded that the US had earlier pleaded for the release of Paul Whelan, a former United States Marine serving a 16-year sentence in a Russian penal colony on espionage charges. 

This plea had met deaf ears, as the just concluded release and exchange deal between the US and Russia was supposed to involve two Americans [including Paul Whelan] and one Russian. 

This move might have been considered a far cry and could pose America as a weak negotiator and Russia as one who would go to any length for any of its citizens. 

What happens after Brittney Griner’s prisoner swap with Russia? 

Well, aside from the varying uncouth talks about the American President, Joe Biden, and his weak decision on the negotiation table for the just concluded exchange, it appears there will be further talks on getting Paul Whelan out. 

This futuristic exchange may require the Russian government to demand more than what the US can provide, going by how the last exchange played out. 

This release and exchange could also stir an air of truce and warmth between the countries, despite the salient tensions known between Ukraine and Russia. 


Celebrity Female Basketball star from Phoenix Mercury, Brittney Griner was exchanged for the Russian Arms Dealer Viktor Bout on the 8th of December 2022. This exchange was brokered by the governments of the UAE and Saudi Arabia. 
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