What is a UI kit?

What is a UI kit?
Appearance could be deceitful, they say. But then again, the first impression matters. 

The way the human mind works is quite dynamic. We are often easily swayed by what we see, then we subconsciously match it with the benchmark our minds have earlier set on the perception of what is ideal. This magic happens in nanoseconds. This is why I would still say that appearance is greater than reality. It is sellable anywhere. 

Talking about selling, and appearance, in the information technology space, User experience [UX] is often guided by User Interface [UI]. Such that people are stirred by what they see; the layout of web design, the typography, the choice of content, the type of content, the responsiveness, and all that has to do with the interface.  

My article today will dwell beyond the selling part of the UI, but about UI kits and some extra information that will come in handy for your knowledge bank. 

What does UI stand for? 
The term "user interface" is abbreviated as "UI." In clearer terms, UI is a collection of screens, pages, and other graphic components (such as buttons, page layout, scroll bars, icons, etc.) that let a user engage with a product or service. UI can also be explained as the graphical layout of an application in a website or app that the user interacts with as they browse the page or program.  

What is a UI kit? 
A UI kit is a collection of files that includes essential user interface elements such as fonts, layered design files, icons, documentation, HTML/CSS files, etc. By allowing you to develop, alter, or expand on existing components without having to start from scratch, a user interface kit saves you time and keeps you consistent with the UI kits doing tasks as simple as a few buttons and design elements or as a complex task, but all in real-time. 

While the UI kit is an essential lifesaver, something like a lifeline to a sailor, the use of this kit would be wholly determined by your measure of creativity. 

What is a Web UI kit? 
Don’t get confused, a web user interface kit, or UI kit, is still a group of assets that includes design elements such as UI components and styles.

While users are known to interact with UI components, which transmit meaning and offer functionality like the Input forms, widgets, and navigation menus, the place of difference only comes when it is designed for web-based and not mobile. However, a responsive design would automate and fit into any gadget of use. 

The choice of how responsive your website would be is determined by both the web designer and the web developer, both can be fully catered by The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai. A credible name when it comes to web development in Dubai. 

Is it okay to use UI kits? 
Trust me, it is ok to use UI Kits. Using a UI kit will assist you to avoid the time-consuming process of creating a custom design. A UI kit will afford you a choice of large go-to library pieces that are available for your pick, rather than having to seek, and churn out the elements you need every time you intend to create a project. 

Is using UI kits cheating?  
Well, using UI kits is not cheating. It is likened to having templates for web building that saves you time and some creative self from sampling options when you could simply modify. 

For all we know, the brand or service of your client might be a sham, but the appearance, in this context, the User Interface [UI] is a determining factor for the user's next line of action. You as a graphic/web designer owe it to the user to mesmerize them, give a worthy User experience throughout the user[s] journey on the web page. 

Where can I get a free UI?  
I included this here for that curious mind of yours. Well, you can get free UI templates online. There are several platforms out there for either mobile, web, iOS, or android. 

You can get free UI from the following: 
1. Vera Block UI kit 
2. Deck card-style UI kit 
3. Visage UI kit 
4. Aware UI kit 
5. Free UI kit 
6. Now UI kit 

Do free UI kits do? 
The DO UI kit for Sketch is now available for free on platforms. 

The DO UI kit has currently had over 130 gorgeous screens, over 250 components to mix and combine, and 10 entire themes to create stunning apps that you can tweak where necessary. 
Now that you have a better understanding of the UI kit, you need a professional to help out with the web design, and web development that best harnesses the UI kit for your business or individual advantage, the name that should come to mind is: The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai 

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