What is Axure RP used for?

What is Axure RP used for?
Mankind has seen the evolution from the dark ages and in different stages. One thing that cut across all forms was the sudden change from how things were done from being better to being a lot better. 

Like, have you ever wondered why a certain period in time was called the dark ages? Oh no! It was not synonymous with the weather being dark or cloudy, but it was rather the phase in an age where humans were unwilling to see beyond what was in front of them. No advancement, no eureka moments, nothing stirs up or changed their cultural values or a pang to do more, just nailed down static. 

Just like every bad tale that has an end, evolution again takes its toll, and innovation just serves better meals than cornbread [cornbread is good by the way]. Just when you think this is the cultural way of doing things, a seamless process, perhaps in form of software shows you how to provide a prototype to stir your audience based on what you’re selling to them. And this last paragraph will lead us to another invention called the Axure RP which will be discussed in today’s article for your consumption. 

What is Axure RP? 
Axure RP is a graphic design tool that allows a user to create highly interactive HTML [Hypertext Markup Language] prototypes for web-based, mobile, and PC applications.  

With its exclusive tools, Axure helps users to develop wireframes and prototypes based on their preliminary ideas. No doubt, this prototype software has been considered by many as a solution provider. 

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What is Axure RP used for? 
While a good hand of graphic enthusiasts already knows that the Axure RP is a prototyping tool designed for mockups and the likes, there are other uses why the Axure RP is a choice between other similar software. 
1. Axure RP finds great use in both the start of the Research and Design phases of a project. 
2. It is usually considered in the creation of Sitemaps. 
3. The Axure RP is used in Personas, whereby you create your target user needs. 
4. It finds great use in the identification of workflows through a complete task. 
5. The Axure RP can be used in the creation of Journey maps as well, such that all the touchpoints of a customer are identified, as well as the opportunities. 

Is Axure RP free? 
Now that this is brought up, please note that Axure RP provides a 30-day free trial for its subscription, however, upon completion you could choose to review and pick any of the other packages for your seamless use. 

Axure RP subscriptions have been given to over 130,000 students, instructors, and schools all around the world.  

 What is the Axure RP team? 
Axure RP team is a hub for graphical solutions eased to ensure ideas are creatively designed, reviewed, and exported/collaborated where necessary with the aid of the Axure RP file. 

This further implies that using the Axure RP Team, several individuals may simultaneously develop diagrams, construct UX prototypes, and explore designs in a single Axure RP file. When you're ready for more purposeful collaboration, the Axure RP Team provides you with a straightforward and safe method to explore ideas and participate. 

Is Axure better than Adobe XD? 
I just knew you were waiting for this all along, and now I will serve it on a platter. The comparison between which is better between the Adobe XD and the Axure software tool is worthy of consideration, however [drum rolls] … Adobe XD is way better than the Axure graphic design tool. 

While researching the best prototyping tools for 2021, it was observed that Adobe XD is ranked 2nd while Axure is ranked 13th. And I'll tell you, the main reason people choose Adobe XD is because the application provides a demo that allows you to learn about features so that you can get your hands on them immediately and be productive. 

As evolution is continually in motion, the renowned King of the prototype here has been Adobe XD could be obsolete tomorrow, after all... the beautiful ones are yet to be born. 
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