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What is bootstrap web design?

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The fusion of words web and design could almost immediately be deciphered; the fact that web represents the website and then the word “design” simply gives a whole meaning to the two words, which simply is the process of creating a website. However, with the introduction of bootstrap, only a few, perhaps in the field can lay a clear understanding of the topic. 

What is bootstrap? Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework aimed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development, according to Wikipedia. It includes design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface elements that are based on CSS and (optionally) JavaScript.

To be clear, Bootstrap has made numerous Framework procedures easier, so it's no surprise that it's grown to become the single largest and fastest-growing JS, HTML, and CSS framework for interactive online applications. Bootstrap, as a front-end framework, speeds up development and so finds tremendous value for any knowledgeable web developer, given how delicate a tool it is. 

Web designs are pretty much sensitive to the outlook of a brand and more importantly, a deciding factor on the choice of how users trust your service. Having the right team of experts who listens to your vision and make them into colorful layouts to exceed expectation gets interesting with The Watchtower - Web Design Agency, Dubai.  

In this article, I will be helping out having a better understanding of bootstrap, its impact on the framework, the types of primary files, some of its components and characteristics. 

Bootstrap is a collection of codes usually written in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It gets easier knowing its base is being laid for Responsive web development, considering it is a framework. This, therefore, affords the developer the comfort of just entering codes into the pre-defined grid system, saving you time writing a list of codes. 

Why go for a bootstrap web design? 
Imagine life before the invention of machines, where you have to manually do all tasks. This was the same for developers before now, however, with the invention of Bootstrap, developers now save time since they could just pick from the option of layout, color, sizes, and texts where necessary. Bootstrap also has provision for light or dark-colored tables, highlights, pull quotes, among other unique features. If there is anything to go by from this, bootstrap helps channel energy to creativity rather than drawing up a line of codes from scratch. 

Components of Bootstrap. 
One of the perks of bootstrap is the choice of components attached with its use. Developers now have the option of inserting the desired while they continue with the creative placement. Examples are listed below. 
  1. Navigation Bar.
  2. Alerts. 
  3. Thumbnails. 
  4. Progress bars. 
  5. Media objects. 
  6. Button dropdown menu. 
What are the Bootstrap primary files? 
  1. bootstrap.js is a framework for jQuery and JavaScript.
  2. The CSS framework bootstrap.css 
  3. glyph icons as a collection of icon fonts. 

What are the advantages of Bootstrap to Web design? 
Developers have enjoyed a couple of things using this framework, examples of such are seen below. 
  1. It has an excellent grid system.
  2. Less cross-browser bugs. 
  3. It has excellent documentation and community backing. 
  4. It is a consistent framework that enjoys compatibility with the majority of browsers, as well as CSS compatibility updates. 
  5. Lightweight and adaptable. 
  6. Its structures and styles are responsive to any layout. 
  7. It has free professional templates, WordPress themes, and plugins available for easy use. 

What are the disadvantages of Bootstrap to web design? 
  1. The place of creativity must come to play whenever in use to avoid the other websites bootstrap had found use, appearing the same. 
  2. If there is a need that the design to change from the standard Bootstrap design, a lot of style overrides will be required, which may result in another effort spent designing the website. 
  3. Because JavaScript is linked to jQuery and is one of the most used libraries, most of the plugins go unused. 
  4. HTML is not compatible. 
In conclusion, Bootstrap is pre-compiled in the form of one CSS file and three JavaScript files that could find easy to use in any project. However, the raw form of Bootstrap enjoys developers to incorporate more customization and size optimizations into their projects. Although this raw form is seen as modular, the developer has the option of deleting unnecessary components, while applying a theme, and the option to alter the uncompiled Sass files. 

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