What is Christmas like in Dubai?

What is Christmas like in Dubai?
The Aura of Christmas across the globe is beyond a magical spell since it subtly permeates every happy heart without the borders of ethnic, religion, and the likes. 

Growing up as a kid would have one commence a countdown from the 1st day of December down to Christmas, as we join carol classes with friends in school, and excitedly deploy our fine art skills into building Christmas rings made out from colourful used calendars and cardboards... ooh my!! maybe adulthood is a scam after all.  

With memories like these and the reality of adulthood, one would possibly wonder if certain demographics like the UAE [United Arab Emirates] have a contrary view on Christmas, and what it looks like out there. This and some other possible questions would we be addressing in our article today; please read along. 

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Do they celebrate Christmas in UAE?  
I bet you already know that Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the world, therefore the government of the UAE is not left out of this annual scoop of merriment. 

Although the UAE is an Islamic country, and Christmas may not be considered as a national holiday, however, people of the UAE still celebrate Christmas considering many nationalities that make up the country. 

Shopping malls, hotels, stores, and some structures go all out to decorate, and some sell Christmas paraphernalia, giving the air around you that Christmas feel as seen on TV, hence no one is left out of the thrills that come with the season. 

How is Christmas in UAE?  
Christmas in the UAE is pretty exciting, as major hotels go all hard with massive decorations, especially the gigantic mount of the Christmas tree with lights and gift boxes underneath the tree.  

Despite the country being Islamic, Christians in their different demographic could set up Christmas decors and visit their local churches for Carol services and the likes. People have imbibed the spirit of Christmas and therefore tend to exchange gifts with friends, colleagues, family, and friends. 

Christmas in the UAE is always a beautiful time to be alive, and its experiences are no stranger to other non-Islamic countries. 

Is Christmas fun in Dubai?  
Dubai has always been a top list travel destination for a happy mind, since the city has everything to make your soul pray for you, just for having a good time... provided you have the resources [I had to include that] 

It, therefore, is a no-brainer to say that Christmas is fun in Dubai. If you’re a one-time visitor, tourist, or what have you, knowing the right spots to visit would save you the whole yard of sampling. 

What is Christmas like in Dubai? 
Many have imagined if Dubai, being a Megacity has more stunts to provide residents and tourists during the yuletide. The answer is: Dubai is one of the most beautiful places to be during Christmas.  

Dubai, like the UAE, has embraced a mixed culture that has made even Christmas despite its stance on Islam being the official religion largely celebrated, considering its residents and the business angle. 

Who could even imagine that an arid land as Dubai could snow, therefore can ski and have all the magic that comes with Christmas, all thanks to Ski Dubai among others, who make Christmas worthwhile for any fun seeker? 

What can you do in Dubai at Christmas? 
Oh my! You can do beyond a handful in Dubai during Christmas.  

Take, for instance, a choice location like the Ski Dubai has some of the most intriguing activities to fill up for reminiscing all the days of your life. 

Some of the fun places to consider in Dubai for Christmas are:  
1. The Snow cinema in Ski Dubai. 
2. The Snowy winter wonderland in Ski Dubai 
3. Live festive concerts. 
4. Outdoor festive film watch. 
5. Visit the beach. 
6. Dinner at the Ossiano in Atlantis. 
7. Stay-cation at the chalets in Ski-Dubai.  

Is Dubai busy at Christmas? 
The city of Dubai had always enjoyed a good buzz from here and there, and the yuletide season is no exception.  

Considering the weather forecast for Dubai being at 25 degrees, a good number of people would still consider unwinding at the beach for a tan or a cool swim.  

Is Dubai expensive in December?  
Most countries usually have their services and items go up in price, as there are higher demands, and few supplies in this period.  

This is a result of most organizations, businesses, and employees having closed for the year. 

Is Dubai expensive at Christmas? 
Yes, Dubai is expensive during Christmas.  

We therefore kindly ask that you load/fund your credit/debit a little beyond what you had bargained for to have a swell time as intended. 
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