What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?

What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?

One of the first choices to make when launching a website is selecting the right hosting for your business needs.

If you are preparing for growth or increased traffic demands, a hosting solution that provides flexibility, security, high performance, unbeatable stability, and ultimate control is what you need. It can provide you with all these and more.

Dedicated web hosting is the highest performance and most superior hosting preference you can achieve because one entire server is for your website.

It is for websites with lots of traffic because you do not have to share resources with any websites.

Dedicated web hosting can host more than 1 million visitors per month.

It is the management of website operations on behalf of the owner, either the entire website or some part of the website.


Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

1. Reliable: Your website will be more reliable as far as performance goes.

2. Control: You will have control over your configuration options and the server.

3. Security: There is more security because you are not sharing your website.

4. High Performance: Dedicated Web Hosting grants you all access, but not limited to, CPU, RAM, and storage. All these allow for high performance and fast loading times, even when traffic is at its apex.


Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

1. Expensive: Dedicated servers cost anywhere from $100-$500 a month.

2. Knowledge and Experience: There is a need for server knowledge and experience to run a server plan.

Why Choose VPS Hosting in Singapore?


Geographical Location

Choosing a VPS hosting provider in Singapore means your website will be hosted in a data center that's located in one of the most technologically advanced and connected countries in Southeast Asia. This can lead to faster loading times and increased website performance for visitors in the region.

Data Sovereignty

Singapore has strict data protection laws that require personal data to be stored in the country. Choosing a VPS in Singapore ensures that your website's data is stored locally, which can help you comply with data protection regulations. 

How to Pick the Best Dedicated Hosting Plan Based On Your Needs

Deciding on the best-server plan to appoint to your website can be very challenging if you are new to creating your first business. 

What you need to know is not everyone needs an expensive dedicated web hosting plan, plans that suit your website depending on the type of business you are using are made available.

There are some factors you need to put into consideration before picking the best cheap dedicated hosting to use:

1. Website Management: Selecting the dedicated web hosting plan for your business depends on how many management tasks like storage, configurations, security, and backup. The number of operations on the website determines the dedicated web hosting plan to use.

2. Traffic Size: The number of visitors you expect to use your business determines the dedicated hosting plan to adopt for the easy and smooth running of the website.

3. Customer Care Service: Business with customer care services will need a plan that covers 24-hour customer care services. 

4. Money Available: The money available determines the type of website you can run to afford the web hosting plan that suits the business.

What is Web hosting?

Well, web hosting is simply a service that permits individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible on the internet. A web hosting provider offers server space, internet connectivity, and other services needed to store, manage, and send files that make up a website.

There are different types of web hosting, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. The choice of web hosting type depends on factors such as website traffic, security needs, and budget.

Best Dedicated Web Hosting Services

1. Bluehost: They operate over 2 million websites worldwide with automatic word press installation, unmetered bandwidth, free domain, and business migration.

Visit them at bluehost.com


2. GoDaddy: This is for any website and business, a free domain with an annual plan, 100% uptime, and instant installation of over 150 apps.

Visit them at godaddy.com


3. HostGator: This is for small businesses, has unlimited disk space, drags and drops website templates, and uses a control panel.

Visit them Hostgator.com


4. Nexcess: This has dynamic dedicated hosting solutions, free website migration, always active business support, and guaranteed 100% network time.

Visit them at nexcess.net


5. Hostinger: This has measurable hosting solutions for growing your business, the best performance, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and no charges on templates and builders.

Visit them at hostinger.com


6. Web.com: This has all-day active customer help by phone, imagery of a professional-looking site, SOE tools, and all you need to build and host a website.

Visit them at web.com


7. Network Solutions: This has a simple site transfer, money return guaranteed, and all-day active customer help by phone & email.

Visit them at networksolutions.com


8. A2 Hosting: This gives you a money return guaranteed at any time of the day, simple file transfer, and all-day active customer help by phone, chat & email.

Visit them at a2hosting.com


9. Liquid Web: This is one of the best for high-traffic sites, databases, small/large resellers, small/large SaaS, and virtualization.

Visit them at liquidweb.com


10. NameHero: They offer managed dedicated cloud servers that are a little more cost-effective if you are on a budget.

Visit them at namehero.com


Dedicated Hosting and The Number of Websites it can carry

Depending on the dynamic of the websites you are running and the size of your disk, a single server runs up to 400 websites.

There are some things to consider about each website which determines the number of websites that can run on a dedicated server:

1. Simple Website: Websites that are smaller because of the simple design and content pages with little data will take little space.

2. Broad Websites: websites like this always need constant updating because their contents have to change, and you will have fewer websites on your dedicated web hosting.


What is Bandwidth?

Several data are moved from your designed website to the internet with the help of a web server.

The bandwidth used is the occasional number of people who use the website and the services provided on the website, the larger the size of the file, the more bandwidth used.

Note to have many visitors on your website means enough space on your disk.


Why Do We Use Dedicated Web Hosting?

1. Streaming platform: Websites with lots of streaming need a high disk space because of the consistent storage usage.

2. Gaming Platform: Gaming platforms where different players come online to play against each other need a large amount of storage and processing power. Platforms like this will run better with a dedicated web host.

3. Website Security: The best security on your website and all its data, dedicated hosting is the best.

4. Telecommunication Services: websites that give telecommunication services tend to have lots of traffic, which makes a dedicated web hosting best for websites like this.

5. Data Backup: Data backup dedicated web hosting provides can help secure data you cannot lose even if the site crashes.


Possibilities with Dedicated Hosting

There are endless possibilities with dedicated web hosting:

1. Running a High-Traffic Website: Websites with traffic should regard dedicated web hosting as an option.

2. Building a Custom-server Environment: You will have complete authority over the server environment with dedicated web hosting.

3. Scaling Your Business: To scale your business without limitations, you should consider dedicated web hosting. More resources are added to your server as your business grows. Do we well to ensure that your website can handle increased traffic and demand.


Building a Custom Server Environment

Building a personalized server environment can be demanding, but these steps will guide and help empower your online presence.

1. Know and Determine Your Needs: Building a lasting custom server environment without establishing your needs is not advisable, to achieve this, you must consider database size, website traffic, and application type.

2. Select Your Hardware: After identifying your needs, you then begin your hardware selection process. The important things to choose are the server type, RAM, storage amounts, and processor.

3. Select Your Operating System: Selecting an operating system is the next step. There are many options, Linux, Windows, and Free BSD. Always consider factors such as compatibility with your applications and ease of use.

4. Software Installation: This comes after hardware and operating system selection. You must install your web server software, Nix or Apache, and any other necessary software, such as an email or database server.

5. Configuration and Safeguarding from Potential Threats: The last step is, to configure your server, set up the database, and install any other suggested applications. Also, configure your security procedures to keep your server secure from potential attackers.



Power to handle high-traffic periods. All these and more are possible with dedicated web hosting. It is a powerful tool that allows you to take your business to the next level.

A strong online presence is one of the requirements for a successful business. Dedicated web hosting ensures that your website is accessible. To attract and maintain a customer base that will result in business expansion.




Managed and unmanaged dedicated web hosting, what is the difference?

Managed dedicated web hosting gives you professionals and the management and setup of your site. The tasks you will have to take on will be fewer.

Unmanaged dedicated web hosting keeps you in charge of most of the tasks. You will have to design your website to your taste.                         


Selecting the best-dedicated hosting plan, what are the questions you should ask?

There are a few questions you should ask to ensure you get the best plan for your websites which are:

- How many hosting plans do you have?

- I want to upgrade to another web hosting plan. What are your policies?

- How do you back up my data?

- What is the pay-back policy on your server? 

- Setting up a dedicated web hosting server would take how long?

- I want to upgrade to another web hosting plan. What are your policies?


What are the types of dedicated web hosting servers?

- Business dedicated web hosting servers.

- Entry web hosting server.

- Enterprise dedicated web hosting server.


What is the difference between domain and hosting?

A domain is your web address, which gives people easy access to find your website, while dedicated web hosting is where data of the website is stored.


Building my website, can it be done without a dedicated hosting server?

Knowing dedicated web hosting and all the technical parts of it means you can build your website without a web hosting server. Beginners will need dedicated internet hosting, where all the technical tasks are covered.


What are the chances of my website being hacked?

Depending on the dedicated web hosting plan, protection against hackers might not come with all the servers.

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