What is diversity and inclusion in UAE?

What is diversity and inclusion in UAE?
The UAE [United Arab Emirates] as a developing country has been one that has considered and embraced a range of methodologies which has led to the current flourishing state as an economy. As each year goes by, the country through the aid of its administration daily seeks new ways to make the country thrive, and one of such has been the ability to unlearn and relearn procedures, which can be easily called innovation. 

In the midst of all these, there is a need to identify a fundamental principle as Diversity and Inclusion which has been absorbed by the government of UAE, and its ripple effect on the economy; this and more will I be addressing in this article. 

What is diversity in the UAE? 
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Diversity in the UAE is the significant difference in the way residents identify with different subjects. For those who have paid keen attention to the UAE from inception, you will understand that from then until now, the country has over 200 nationalities as residents. what this implies is the variation in race, culture, gender, thought process, beliefs, religion, and more. 

Diversity in the UAE is dominant, and this has been expressed in data, where we have a large portion of residents either as ex-pats, or tourists. 

How diverse is the UAE? 
The thought of having 200 nationalities with different cultural beliefs and ethics answers how diverse the UAE is. It will be fair to also point out that there are more ex-pats and tourists in the UAE than its citizens. 

The UAE shares a healthy atmosphere with different races and nationalities, and this has done better for the stability of the economy than most countries. 
What is the UAE diversity policy? 
The UAE Diversity Policy is a directive set to embrace diversity and inclusion, promote equity, amongst its residents for people of various ages, religions, colours, races, ethnic or nationalities, sexual beliefs, marital and parental status, physical impairment, and the likes. 

How does diversity impact culture?  
Culture has been considered as the way of life. The impact of diversity on culture aids in the dismantling of negative preconceptions and personal prejudices towards other communities.  

It also provides us cultural variety which enables us to understand and respect ways of life that are not always our own. Oftentimes than none, in the process of our interactions with others, there is an established bridge of trust, mutual respect, and understanding across borders. 

What is cultural diversity in UAE?  
Cultural diversity in the UAE is simply the acknowledgement of different ways residents of the great country are wired to do things. This could be from religious beliefs, ideologies, sexual preferences, ethics, family value, and a host of others. 

Since UAE embraces a range of nationals, it is only expedient that it maximizes these into inclusion such that ideas, knowledge, and positive impact are felt for the benefit of the country as a whole. 

How does diversity influence life in the UAE? 
The Emirati culture is inspired by the Arabian culture, which draws influence from the cultures of East Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. The place of religion of Islam has had a prominent influence on the lifestyle of the Emiratis, however, with the warm reception exhibited by the UAE immigration, investors and technocrats have been able to bring in ideas that have set the UAE as a capital to the map.  

The UAE government has leveraged diversity and inclusion to birth significant milestones in technology, medicine, leadership, and a handful of industries. Diversity has rightly influenced the life of residents and the country of the UAE to a place of opulence. 
Are there cultures that affect the culture of the UAE? 
It is pertinent to note that the UAE is largely dominated by Muslims, which means they bear almost the same culture, from their dress sense to their values, and social life. Away from these facts, the UAE, which has a plethora of residents from different cultural backgrounds, has made it known, that the place of beliefs is sacred, and urged every resident to uphold their beliefs respectfully, and not to harm others. 

As a consequence of this act, the UAE has evolved into a multi-ethnic, multinational environment with a fairly permissive attitude to integration. 
In conclusion, Diversity and Inclusion is a good move by the government of the UAE; having a momentum that one can rest assured of a better tomorrow for both its residents and for the county. 
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