What is Facebook Pixel and why is it important?

What is Facebook Pixel and why is it important?
Social media can be celebrated for many things from passing time watching a skit from your favorite to establishing and promoting your business brand, and down to a couple of other interesting reasons.

While social media has been accepted by the vast majority, business owners have taken out time to relax trusting key indicators to track trends of activities on their platform, thereby conducting a check on the traction received from a post. A good example is the Insight feature on Instagram, which allows you to see visitors on your page and the actions carried out.

It gets even more fascinating in today's article, as I'll share with you another fantastic tool you'll need as a company brand on social media, known as the Facebook pixel. Don't leave without scrolling to the end if you're in a rush. I'm sure it'll come in helpful.

What is Facebook Pixel?
The Facebook pixel is a data-gathering technology that allows you to run advertising on Facebook and Instagram.
The Facebook pixel is a string of code that is placed on your website to gather data and track conversions from Facebook advertising, optimize campaigns, develop targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to individuals who have already taken some type of action on your website. It's incredible.

Why is Facebook Pixel Important?
I bet online business owners already can tell why they feel this tool is important; let me further beam light on it with the following pointers below.

1. Increase your ROI
With the Facebook Pixel tool on your website, you are sure to increase your Return on Investment [ROI] 
Facebook pixel data ensures that your ads are viewed by your prospective customers and target audience. This helps streamline and increase the conversion rate of your Facebook ads for a higher ROI.

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2. Conversion tracking is possible
With the use of the Facebook Pixel, you can now conveniently keep track of visitors on your business page and can interact with them after they view your ads.

This conversion process would require that you verify your website domain before venturing into action using iOS 14.5. One of the beauties of this feature is it even keeps track of which device is used, if you had started on a mobile device and concluded on a PC or otherwise, these actions are all visible for statistics.

3. Facebook Retargeting is possible.
Facebook retargeting pixel data and dynamic advertising enable you to offer targeted adverts to individuals who have previously visited your site.
This might imply that an ad is presented to viewers for the identical product that they abandoned in a shopping cart or placed on a Wishlist on your website.

Do Facebook pixels still work?
Perhaps this was fueled by LinkedIn’s statement sometime back saying there would be no more Facebook Pixel, i.e., no more lookalike and custom audiences, retargeting, conversion tracking, Ad optimization, and the likes. Well, if they had followed through with that, it would have been understood that LinkedIn created a conversion API that registers and shares events occurring on the website just as Facebook Pixel does.
Asides from this, the good part is Facebook Pixels is still around, and still works like magic for tractions and events recording.

What is replacing Facebook pixel?
Just as known with every essential product, there is always another competitive or aspiring brand that renders the same service with a little tweak here and there.

Facebook on its own has the Conversion API or the CAPI as it is also called, other platforms rendering the same unique service include the below.
1. Matomo.
2. Google Analytics.
3. Piwik
4. Mixpanel

In conclusion, tools as unique as the Facebook Pixel has been viable for data analytics and have been a worthy parameter for business owners to launch and monitor their growth process.

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