What is Google Web Designer?

What is Google Web Designer?
The search engine giant company that gained dominance in operations in 1996 has not only become a reputable household name amongst search engines but over the years evolved and extended tentacles to a variant of services, ranging from Google Maps, Google My Business, Google InDesign, and much more. 

To think you are just settling to using a service and gathering the right volume of prowess in its use, there comes another exciting feature, just like the Google Web Designer. 

In this article, I will be equipping you with the right dose of information on Google Web designer, where it finds applications, and how best to use the application. 

Is Google Web Designer for creating web designs? 
One of the many questions on the mouth of the online surfers is if this unique tool is for web design creation or more as the name implies. Well, let's be clear on something: Google Web Designer [GWD] might find great use in creating prototypes and pop-up Ads, however, the creation of a functional website is not its core use.  

Web designs are extremely sensitive to a brand's image and, more importantly, a deciding factor in how users trust your service. Having the right team of experts who listen to your vision and turn it into colorful layouts that exceed expectations becomes more interesting with The Watchtower - Web Design Agency, Dubai. 

What you should know about Google Web Designer
Google Web Designer is a free software tool that permits web designers to have a soft landing while creating interactive HTML5 [Hyper Text Mark-up Language 5] designs, such that it finds use in the creation of motion ads. 

Simply put, Google Web Designer is a unique and sophisticated web tool that allows a creative mind to create HTML5 ads and other web content using an integrated visual and coding interface with ease. 

The Google Web Designer allows you to create content by using drawing tools, 3D objects, text features, and moving things on a timeline. Using the Google Web Designer Code, you may generate CSS [Cascading Style Sheets], JavaScript, and XML files while using syntax highlighting and code autocompletion, making coding easier to write with little or no errors. 

If there is any tool a proficient or rookie web designer must have, it should be the Google Web Designer, since it helps designers project a better UX/UI [User Experience/User Interface] without a hassle on how it would be displayed. 

Why you should use a Google Web Designer
1. 3D Effect 
If you seek a 3D feel to that design, the 3D Rotate tool would help view the element from a different angle, all you have to do is click and drag across. 

2. Animation Mode
While this could almost be mistaken for the 3D feel, the Animation mode permits the designer with both Quick and Advanced options where the user gets to enjoy unique features like Scrubbing, auto keyframing, view scene by scene, or command individual frames. 

3. Custom Colors 
Google Web Designer provides a vivid color options panel that may be chosen while providing you the option of picking complicated gradients and new colors, which can then be stored for future and easy use. 

4. Templates
Nothing feels better than the sight of a template for a design; it just makes progress seamless and aids creativity. This makes the creation of ads easier since one could just edit for tailored interest. 

5. Redesigned Web Components
With updated components as YouTube, 360 galleries, Canvas shapes, Map, Tap Area, and more, Google Web Designer enables a user to deliver top-notch responsive web design services, not forgetting its Gesture component that aids with clicks, taps, mouse tracking, and other touch movements. 

6. Layout
It gets easier to adjust the size of the screen, as the width and height styles are easily defined using percentages. This allows the website to adjust itself by expanding and contracting with the device while maintaining structure.  

In conclusion, the Google Web Designer is a good-looking app, which affords one to create web ads quickly whether one knows how to code or otherwise since it offers an excellent interactive interface that creates animations. Although the app may not be the best-designed app on the Mac platform, compared to the Windows User Interface Guidelines; it could also appear more tasking with its control panel because of the too many options. It is however guaranteed that it will produce good animated projects. 

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