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What is Mobile App Marketing?

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With the current sea load of apps swimming across platforms with their unique services and colorful themes, is there any justifiable reason your well celebrated Mobile app would not be removed with the list of other less performing apps this evening, or perhaps tomorrow morning? 

A wise man could live on the hill with his fine leather bag of wisdom which could transform the world, but if he is never heard of, or his wisdom proven to have saved the city, chances are he will meet his demise on the hill... with his fine leather bag of wisdom. My point? Marketing! 

According to estimates, Mobile apps account for half of all online traffic on the planet. Even more intriguing, the Ericsson Mobility Report predicts a 25% growth in mobile traffic by the end of 2025. The significance of mobile app marketing has never been greater than it is now. The question is why mobile app marketing is so important. 

In this article, I will be sharing with you what Mobile app Marketing is all about and why every business brand should imbibe this as a plot. 

What is Mobile App Marketing? 
Mobile App Marketing is a sensitive business brand strategy that relies on app user engagement and retention through the user's lifecycle/app interaction to support its business growth and marketing goals in a perfect market. Mobile app marketing does not start when the app has been created or launched, considering it shares the lifecycle of the app, Mobile app Marketing starts from when you consider channels to which your audience would hear about it, what you want them to hear when you want them to hear, and the strategies to back your Mobile App Marketing. 

Is Mobile app Marketing necessary? 
You may be quick to say your Mobile app is the 8th wonder and it will sell itself, while this might be true, please note that there are over 4 million mobile apps currently on Google Play & the Apple App Stores today, and it is only wise to leverage on a catalyst as Mobile app marketing for increased visibility and warm acceptance. 

What are the benefits of Mobile App Marketing? 
1. Increased visibility
Mobile app marketing is purely advertisement and this is sure to guarantee market penetration to the audience, if your marketing strategy is done well, this app marketing is channeled to your prospective clients/users alone, so you don’t go winking in the dark. Mobile app marketing would play a subconscious deposit to the minds of the audience and gives an edge for a possible pick in the place of options. 

2. Increased engagement
People choose the use of Mobile apps for several reasons, for instance, a mobile application allows users to access them whenever and wherever they choose. Alternatively, not everyone is always in front of a computer; consequently, mobile applications have played significant roles in the lives of people, hence Mobile app marketing is a useful tool for user engagement. 

3. Have competitors in mind
A factor to always consider would be that Mobile app marketing allows you to learn about your competitors. Marketing the app also allows you to learn about your rivals and how to create an effective retention plan. This is why mobile app marketing begins from the beginning of the development process, so, if there is a need for modifications, they may be factored in while the app is being developed. 

4. Communication
These days, many businesses offer customer assistance and chat features within their applications. This has not only proven to facilitate and accelerates communication, but also helps to build trust between the consumer and you the app owner by showing a sign that you are always available to assist them. 

In conclusion, Mobile app marketing goes hand in hand with Mobile app development, since Mobile app marketing commences when the Mobile app development is in process and continues after the app is released.  

The significance of mobile app marketing resides in how it is promoted across several platforms. When developing an app, it is critical to ensure that it is not limited to a single platform [Google play and Apple Play store], unless that is your goal. Making your apps platform-agnostic aids in improving app awareness and use. 
The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai can save you the worry from Mobile app marketing and mobile app development. 

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