What is Professional Liability Insurance vs General Liability?

What is Professional Liability Insurance vs General Liability?
First of all, I must take time to celebrate your move to seek clarity on insurance. I believe this is for a worthy cause as buying an insurance policy in the long run. While embarking on this journey will open your eyes too much more than face value, coming across this journal is a good leap as well. A worthy read. 

At the end of this read, you will have a depth of knowledge on insurance as a whole, have insights on what professional liability insurance and general liability means, how to go about getting a professional liability, what professional indemnity covers, what professional errors and omissions insurance is and what it covers, and some other interwoven subtopics worthy to equip you. 

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What is professional liability insurance? 
Professional liability insurance is a type of liability insurance that protects individuals and businesses that provide professional, legal advice and services from having to pay the whole cost of defending against a client's negligence claim, as well as any damages awarded in such civil action. This coverage usually focuses on the policyholder's claimed failure to perform, the financial damage caused by, and the mistake or omission in the service or product sold to him/her respectively. Professional liability insurance is also referred to as Errors & Omissions in some terrain. 

What is general liability insurance? 
General liability insurance is an essential part of an insurance plan; it is often called business liability insurance by many; however, it is a comprehensive form of insurance policy that covers typical company risks with liability insurance. 

General liability insurance protects small businesses against claims of personal injury and property damage where the need arises. 

Who should get a professional liability policy? 
Professional liability insurance should be considered by every company that offers its knowledge. Considering that this policy protects your organization and its bottom line from claims of being late, incomplete, or poor work from customers. These kinds of accusations can lead to expensive litigation, and the good part is that they can be avoided. 

What does professional liability insurance cover and what does it exclude?
In professional liability insurance, you get coverage for things like negligence, oversights, misrepresentations, and the like. While you don’t get cover for things like a criminal prosecution, personal injury or damage to self, and that legal liability under the civil law. 

What should I look for in professional liability insurance? 
In professional liability insurance, you would have to compensate the insured against loss resulting from any claim or claims made during the policy term as a result of any covered mistake, omission, or negligent act committed during the policy period in the course of the insured's professional business. 

Is professional liability insurance the same as errors and omissions insurance?
Yes, professional liability insurance is the same as errors and omissions [E&O] 

Is malpractice and professional liability insurance the same? 
In some field of expertise, professional liability insurance for legal or medical practitioners are still regarded as malpractice insurance. Professional liability plans protect you if you make a mistake while providing professional services by assisting you in paying for your legal defence, should a client slam you with a lawsuit. 

What is professional indemnity cover? 
Professional Indemnity insurance pays for legal fees and expenditures incurred in your defence, as well as any damages or costs awarded. 

What is another name for professional liability insurance? 
Professional Indemnity insurance is known by several names, and you've probably seen them used interchangeably in many sectors, such as "E&O insurance," "professional liability insurance," and "malpractice insurance," all of which refer to the same thing.  

Is professional liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance the same thing?
In some terrain, Professional liability insurance (PLI) is sometimes known as professional indemnity insurance (PII) but is more generally referred to as errors and omissions insurance (E&O). 

What do professional errors and omissions insurance cover? 
E&O insurance covers companies against claims of errors, any form of carelessness, misrepresentation, inaccuracy, and the like.  

In conclusion, professional liability insurance is a legal cover that comes in handy for any business entity to avoid lawsuits and possible damages to the business. It is often advised that if you give services to consumers for a price, you should obtain E&O insurance, and this do I also recommend.
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