What is quantum computing and how does it work?

What is quantum computing and how does it work?
The word quantum has been characterized by its Latin origin which simply means “how much”. Easy to say that quantum means quantity or the smallest unit of measurement. 

In recent times, quantum has been a household name and finds other words that go along with it as a general English word to have a better meaning such as quantum leap, and in the place of technology, as it is in our topic, quantum computing. 

In our topic for today, we shall examine quantum computing, and all that makes its process tick. I will urge you not to be eager to go off but read through till the end. It’s quite exciting. 

What is Quantum Computing? 
Quantum computing has been identified as a form of computing that leverages the collective features of quantum states to get its computations. These computations could vary from superposition, interference, entanglement, amongst others.  

To necessitate Quantum computing, some computers are deployed for this specific use and are called quantum computers. 

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What is quantum computing used for? 
While the place of Quantum computing spreads across different fields of industry, here are some dominant sectors that have seen the effect of quantum computing. 

1. Cryptography
The communication loop gets smaller each day with the aid of the internet, making the world a global village where information can be easily transmitted. In the aim to now secure the information conveyed, there is a need to ensure that information can be transmitted without losing any sense of it across mediums, hence the birth of Cryptography. 

Quantum computers have found use in outperforming digital computers by orders of magnitude. Cryptography methods are being created regularly in this new light, based on the study, albeit it may take some time. 

2. Finance
Modern financial markets have had various difficulties with system automation. While measures to restrict this have been made, investors and experts have looked to quantum computing as a haven. While investors frequently want to assess the distribution of outcomes under a large number of random options, quantum computers' unpredictability corresponds to the stochastic character of financial markets.  

3. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is one of the most important applications of quantum computing (AI). According to some, AI is to the twenty-first century what electricity was to the twentieth. 

As time goes on, the world will rely increasingly on AI for quantum computing in a variety of areas, including medical, technology, and an endless number of others. 

Is quantum computing possible?  
Just like one of my favourite quotes from the Wolf of Wall Street with a lead role by Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, which says: if it's in the news, then it's no news. 

Quantum computing is possible, and beyond is possible, it has settled down in several technologies in the industry at the time you are reading this. 

Well, just like the sport athletic gear puts it out: impossibility is nothing. Quantum computing is possible, and its acceptance in all cadres of the industry will simplify the work process since its technology leverages the superpositioning of qubits to sample multiple scenarios at the same time. 

What is quantum computing for example? 
Quantum computing is a computational process that beams on how to harness quantum physics to generate novel computer methods. Qubits, which are the building blocks of quantum computing, are similar to that of the conventional computer bit of 0 or 1, or a superposition of both 0 and 1. Quantum computing centres on the advancement of computer technology based on quantum theory's concepts using energy and material on the atomic and subatomic levels. 

Some examples of where quantum computing is being deployed and would get a better buzz in the future are: 
1. Artificial Intelligence. 
2. Weather Forecasting. 
3. Financial Modeling. 
4. Traffic navigation. 
5. Cybersecurity 

Is the human brain more powerful than a quantum computer? 
The place of technology and innovation is essential to the development of mankind on a global scale. If quantum computing can appear this much a big deal and liken to the leap, we all see in science in the 21st century, it, therefore, won’t be fair to ignore asking if Quantum computers would be more powerful than the human brain. 

Well, the truth is: even if you don't train your brain to be more creative, knowing that your brain may hold over 100 billion q-bits, it is potentially more powerful than all the digital computers on the planet put together. The difference here would be in its use. 
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