What is Restaurant Digital Marketing in UAE?

What is Restaurant Digital Marketing in UAE?
One of my biggest fears in setting up a business, says owning a restaurant is the worry of getting obsolete just before you catch your breath setting up shop.  

The weird reality is because you could have a good spot, a location I mean, the best chefs, customer-centric staff, sumptuous cuisines, and all at a decent price... but no sales! I just don’t want to be on that web. 

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I understand we need to constantly evolve since the beautiful ones are yet to be born. One needs to think, carve a niche in service delivery, see what competitors are doing differently, and then review yours, include added value, and yes, plead with your staff to smile. But your staff could only have the option to smile to or otherwise when customers walk in, right? 

In this article, I will tell you how to edge your competitors using one of the industrial revolutionary tools, digital media [digital marketing]. But hey, you still need to ask your staff to smile.  

How can digital marketing promote a restaurant? 
It has been said in the good book [the Bible] that you don’t put new wine in old wineskins, else the wineskin bursts, and you lose both the good new wine, likewise the vessel being the wineskin.  

Upon your last blink, the world just evolved, and if you have to stay uptight in your restaurant business in the UAE [United Arab Emirates], having tasty meals and excellent customer service might not be enough. There is a need to infuse the new art of promoting your restaurant in the UAE using digital marketing. 

I heard your thought, and here is the answer. Your restaurant needs an active online presence to thrive in the UAE; your solution as a restaurant lies in digital marketing. 

What is restaurant digital marketing in UAE? 
Restaurant digital marketing in the UAE is a form of online marketing which is simply the choice of a restaurant leveraging on the use of the internet to create an online presence, whereby harnessing prospective online clients to better connect, and sell their services. 

Restaurant digital marketing is broader than just creating Facebook accounts or other social media applications, and asking people to follow or like your post. Restaurant digital marketing involves a range of other services to stand out and make sales.  

How can restaurants use digital marketing in the UAE? 
1. Have an online presence
You can start with Google MyBusiness to create a detailed profile. Peg your address, take beautiful pictures of your restaurant, perhaps some menu as well, and post often. While this is a big leap, ensure you continually post content to keep you in the suggestions of people around your location. 

You can also create social media accounts. Find out which best works for your target audience after your feasibility study, then go hard on it. I mean, your competitors are probably doing the same, right? 

Don’t forget your website, Newsletters, Email marketing, SEO [Search Engine Optimization], and the likes. Go buzzing! 

2. Create Ads
Having created a buzz online, your SEO game is up and running. You can run ads on the social media platform [online marketing] asides from your offline marketing before now. 

It could be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or SEM [Search Engine Marketing], just ensure you increase your ranking, and be visible. 

3. Create engagement
It is one thing to create an account, it is yet another to create a relationship with your audience. Ensure you have promotions, feedbacks are timely, update your audience on new services, and perhaps include other value-added services. 

4. Responsive Website
I needed to include this in a special sub-topic since we are migrating from the old wineskin into newer vessels. Owning a website may not solve your order riddles. A great number of your prospective customers are on their mobile devices all day, compared to the PC [Personal computers]. Kindly factor them into your web development process by having a website that is responsive to fit into any type of gadget without distortion. 

Do restaurants need digital marketing? 
Don’t we all need digital marketing? Even restaurants need digital marketing. 

Don’t stay there griping over the poor sale, burying your head into traditional marketing, and trusting the supreme being for more customers, perhaps from viral marketing, since your food tastes good. No, please! 

You didn’t come this far to leave sales to happenstance; be intentional. Put your restaurant online using digital marketing. 

Why is digital marketing important in restaurants? 
Digital marketing is important for restaurants, just like for education and every other sector because: 
1. It creates brand online visibility. 
2. People can have more knowledge of what your service entails. 
3. You have a better and closer relationship with your audience. 
4. It allows customers to provide their feedback/reviews without both parties feeling odd. 
5. It helps people around your location to easily find you. 
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