What is SEO? What are the 5 best SEO practices?

What is SEO? What are the 5 best SEO practices?
Being a digital marketer or a website owner, you know SEO is the key to growing your business. However, simply knowing SEO isn't enough. You also need to know SEO best practices to implement them in your business to ensure it grows and your website gets higher traffic and ranking.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process using set practices to enhance the positioning of web pages in SERPs. 

It improves the ranking of web pages (website and business, in turn) on organic search engine results. Thus, when individuals can see your website on organic search, traffic to your website improves, increasing sales and conversions.

Importance of SEO

It increases visibility and rankings.

Users search for most products online, and the audience tends to check the brand whose website is on the top of search engine results. With SEO, you can garner higher visibility and ranking, encouraging potential customers to check out your website.

It increases your trustworthiness.

A brand will only be successful if customers trust the same. SEO can help build trust because Google and Bing only provide a higher ranking to a site with good quality content. So when a search engine is suggesting your brand itself to customers, users tend to trust that.

Best SEO practices

SEO practices are a series of tasks you can perform to improve the search engine ranking of your business. Try these SEO best practices to rank higher.

Add the main keyword within 100 words of the content.

Everyone knows that using the priority keyword in the content is essential for better ranking. However, most people do not put weight on the location of the keyword, which is a massive mistake. 

To ensure you don't do this, ensure that the main keyword comes once in the earlier content, like within the first 100 words. Why is this necessary? Search engines put more weight on the earlier content. Thus, if your main keyword comes earlier, they can crawl the content better. Other times keywords should come:

  1. H1 heading
  2. H2 headings (twice)
  3. Meta description
  4. Visual description

Work on building backlinks

According to UppercutSEO, a leading link building services agency, backlinks are one of the best SEO practices that can provide tangible results. Links from high DA websites to your site will improve your rankings on search engines. The question is, how do you get more backlinks? By using a white label link building service, you can build a strong backlink profile and receive assistance on the following strategies:  

Blog commenting: Commenting on other people's blogs and including a link to your website can improve your backlinks.

Guest posting: Writing guest posts for high authority websites ensure quality backlinks, referral traffic, and trustworthiness. This strategy works best with a quality guest post services provider, especially if you don't have a skilled guest post writer.

Internal linking is essential.

Search engines rank your website on how long a visitor stays on the page and how long they stay on your entire website. For the latter, you need to use other SEO practices-internal linking. It means linking other pages of your website to the landing page. It ensures that the users click on the link and stay on the website, signaling to the search engine that your site has quality and valuable content.

  1. For internal linking, remember these few things:
  2. Do not use generic anchor text like click here.
  3. Use natural anchor texts which can encourage users to click on them.
  4. Choose pages for internal linking that are relevant or similar to the topic the visitor is on.

Don't forget to optimize the images.

Images improve the user's visual experience and help improve your site's SEO ranking. Thus, don't ignore optimizing your images. Here are a few tips.
  1. Use the best image for your site. PNG is the best as it shows clear lines and text.
  2. Compress the image size to ensure visuals don't impact the website's speed.
  3. Use alt text for all images as it helps Google understand the image better and rank it.

Track your results

Unless you track your progress, you will not know if the SEO best practices you implemented are working or not. Thus, use SEO tools to see the performance, coverage, and enhancement.

To conclude, these best SEO practices will ensure you get a higher ranking if you perform them correctly. However, they are simply the starting point. To stay in the game, stay up-to-date with relevant SEO practices that change often.
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