What is strategic intelligence in strategic management?

What is strategic intelligence in strategic management?
Giving credits to whom credit is due to, Wikipedia best defines intelligence as the capacity for abstraction, logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. 

The place of strategy is mastery, it is the timely secret path to the safe house; it is a carefully thought out move that opts you in the game of chess. The word strategy is profound, it is one carefully thought process that outwits your casual process flow. I could say more, but I believe you get the drift already, now let's butter the two words strategic intelligence as bread before we add the coffee: strategic management. 

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What is Strategic intelligence? 
Strategic intelligence is the reason you don’t make the easily thought move in a chess game. Don’t sweat it, that isn't any strategy, but a cheap move. It is the same reason why you don’t take your queen out even when it looks like a win, no! You had planned to the end.  

Law 29 from the 48 laws of power by Robert Greene: “Plan to the end” best defines this. 

Strategic intelligence is the seeking of information leads, whereby one collects, analyze, process, and then disseminate intelligence for either a local or international policy or plan. 

What is strategic management? 
The word management has been seen with higher regards, as they always have a collective manner of better addressing any word before them. 

Management could be identified as the process of dealing or best managing resources, either as a thing, body, or people. 

The word strategic management means the continuous and conscious plan, review, analysis, and evaluation of all requirements that a business would require to achieve its goals and objectives. Changes in the business climate will need firms to reevaluate their success methods over time. 

What is strategic intelligence in strategic management? 
Having created a detailed explanation on the fusion of words, what then is Strategic intelligence in strategic management? Easy then, strategic intelligence in strategic management is the adequate, and concise required intelligence intended for a system while harnessing all pool of resources for a goal, which would often be reviewed as time goes by. 

What is the role of strategic intelligence? 
The role of strategic intelligence is clear in any system of play, to aid in the formulation of long-term policy choices. It is usually fueled by foresight. 

Strategic intelligence’s role channels the resource gathered from the pool of varying information and charts a focus to deliver safe landing projects with none or minimal obstacles. 

The role is clearly to consider possible options in a system and find a path for each of them. In achieving a project, strategic intelligence is considered holistically before a move is initiated. 

What are the components of strategic intelligence?  
Five components of strategic intelligence find application in policy-making and business environments. They are:  
1. Planning 
2. Collection and processing 
3. Analyzing 
4. Disseminating intelligence and evaluation 
5. Control 

What is an example of strategic intelligence? 
Going by the definition that strategic intelligence is the set of skills that distinguishes some of the most successful persons in power, whether in business or government seats. 

Their intelligence is usually churned from the resources available, strategic intelligence generates foresight, identifying patterns that potentially provide dangers or opportunities to a system. 

A good example could be seeking intelligence on the outbreak of the COVID-19 globally, and its ripple effect on your business or organization. Since the COVID-19 outbreak is unavoidable, strategic intelligence would mean considering varying options [both threats and opportunities] that could befall the business/organization, and beating a path out unscathed in all scenarios, or at least minimal. 

What are the types of Strategic intelligence? 
There are three main types of strategic intelligence namely: 
1. Strategic or National. 
2. Tactical. 
3. Counterintelligence. 

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