What is the most reliable Flight Booking Site?

What is the most reliable Flight Booking Site?
The trick to solving puzzles or answering riddles is to first avoid the first answer that comes to your head, [well, unless you’re in the 1% of being a genius] but rather, think deeper, taking the rare thought angle always lands you to the actual solution. 

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My point in all these is simple, organizations in their gold frame mirror would believe they run optimum service, and see no reason why people should not love them, but the definition of bliss or reliability for end-users would first come from the place of emotions before addressing the obvious. 

What is the most reliable flight booking site? 
Flight booking sites are designed to ease their supposed customer’s ticket booking process. It usually starts with the aim of the end-user seeking information and then closing with the purchase of a ticket for a flight. This journey can be termed reliable or otherwise depending on how responsive the website is on the customer’s browsing device, how helpful the information on the website is [I just hope it isn't outdated], how easy it to find the information needed, the loading time of each action/menu, and the customer service from the platform [be it chat or call] are the metrics to confirming which flight booking website is most reliable. 

Going by the above parameters, and feedback received, it is easy to say that the most reliable flight booking site is CheapOair. CheapOair has been featured on notable platforms such as New York Times, celebrating their service delivery and spreading in over 450 airlines just to ensure that the best prices are sought. 

How can I book a cheap flight? 
Booking a cheap flight can be a hurdle especially if time-bound. It is best advised that one book ahead to avoid exorbitant ticket fare, likewise to get the perfect flight and affordable price. 

People who fly often should already know that weekends and Mondays are usually on the high side, unless if flight ticket was way before then booked. Asides from this, one would suffer the chances of prices being ridiculously high, especially when one is desperate to fly, likewise is one prone to feel the effect of a cancelled flight. 

There are certain flight errors in value and schedules made by booking sites, if you pay keen attention, and you take time out to review several ticketing/booking platforms before time, you can be rest assured to get a cheap flight. 

Special feature on Google flight 
Google flight is one of those wise ones/platforms that you seek counsel from before embarking on a journey/project. 
There are some unique features on Google flight that make it a go-to- guide for all travellers. Some of the features are: 
1. You have the opportunity to search through to your preferred seat on the plane. With this, you can confirm if you have a seat by the window if you have a socket to yourself, legroom space, and some other features. 
2. With Google flights, you get the chance to increase your flight search for the best ticket fare across a wide radar, this could be a state or even a continent. 
3. Google flight helps beyond booking flight tickets, but also could assist with your hotel accommodation, restaurants, and other services that could interest the traveller. 
4. If you seek to travel to a country or a different terrain, Google flights could help with suggestions. It can also help check through its grid a list of other specifications you may have pointed out perhaps a preferred airport, a discounted price, or you are open to sampling another date to travel, especially when it comes with a slash in price. 
5. Perhaps we can conclude that Google Flight is the best virtual assistant for your travel worries, as even if one has searched on other platforms, you can still bring the information to Google flight for confirmation. 

Which flight search engine is best? 
There are flight search engines that have been designed to be optimum with a unique peculiarity, however, platforms like Skiplagged have an overall dowse of all. 

Skiplagged is a flight search engine that leverages the loophole in standard airline ticketing to help people locate cheap tickets. Skiplagged looks for hidden-city tickets, which are flights from point A to point C with a stopover in Point B, compared to just a direct flight from Point A to Point B. This has become a thing because layovers are sometimes more affordable than direct flights. 
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