What is the next big thing in Web Development?

What is the next big thing in Web Development?
It's funny how history is being televised, and then fast forward to its acceptance, it becomes the new norm, and then the world adjusts, and it looks like nothing mega happened. A good angle is like how sliced bread was the next big invention in the world of bakery many years back. Sliced bread? I mean... [giggles] 

Perhaps a Prophet and a Visioneer share a similar trait since both of them see what lies ahead. While a Prophet may be identified with things that edify the spirit and religious belief, a Visioneer on the other hand just sees improvements to the cultural way of doing things... the next big thing, and just like today’s topic: the next big thing in web development. 

We have heard words on the street, likewise, have we observed news, patterns, and trend which has helped funnel down some significant pointers being the next big thing in Web development by the year 2022. Kindly scroll down, some information could benefit your field. 

What about Web development? 
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Web development is all the process of work put in place to create a functional website for the internet space or a private network [intranet]. It usually requires the use of programming knowledge as HTML [Hypertext Markup Language], CSS [Cascading Style Sheets], and JavaScript. Web development ensures that the UX [User Experience] is a smooth journey through the UI [User Interface]. 

What is the next big thing in web development? 
The Web development space is quite bigger than you probably imagined, especially when you read through to the end of this article, seeing where technology stands a better chance of being incorporated with web development to give a better User Experience via the UI. 

1. Voice search implementation. 
As voice recognition technology gets better use in devices and applications as Siri and Alexa, tech giant companies have also taken a dip to ensure the creation of smart speakers in preparation for web-based voice search technology, since there have been considerations for possible users who are impaired. 

Research has shown that smart speakers tend to enjoy up to 21% growth in their global market, making a room that users can leverage on the voice search option than typing. 

Come 2022, web development would have websites that are compatible with voice search optimization to accommodate and give a wholesome User Experience. 

2. Artificial Intelligence
The ability for smart devices to perform tasks dependent on humans has been seen in some AI devices, and more of this is certain to sprout. We have seen Chatbots synchronized with a web page that enables the Web platform to wholly assist without human interaction. 

3. Dark mode Theme UI
Tech companies including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Reddit, among others, have examined the dark mode backdrop colour for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons for choosing this important one is that it is easily accessible and pleasing to the sight. This is more comfortable to use since it reduces eye strain. Dark-themed websites save battery life while still providing a sleek UI design and other enticing characteristics, making them a popular choice and a valuable consideration in the next year. 

4. PWA
For a cutting-edge website technology known as PWA (Progressive Web Application), which is used in businesses to provide seamless navigation, faster loading times, and a more linear user experience. The PWA idea isn't quite new, but it's already having an influence on web development trends in 2022 for accessibility and dependability since they can be viewed from any device and any location. It is not necessary to download a separate mobile app to use it. If you've ever used the Uber app, you'll know that it leverages Progressive web app development to provide a linear and seamless experience. It provides users with offline access to all of the functionality of the native mobile app and is expected to be the most popular web app in 2022. 

5. AR/VR
Augmented/Virtual Reality would be worth more than $9.982 billion by 2024. This is because these technologies are largely considered in industries to allow people to have a real-time experience of a product before making a purchase. 

Virtual reality and augmented reality work well in smartphone apps, but WebAR technology allows users to experience them in web browsers. In web development, these technologies are certain to provide user ease and comfort.  
While these are not limited to the things expected in Web development come 2022, these, however, are certainly going to be vivid to your eyes.

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