What is the UAE Disability Act?

What is the UAE Disability Act?
What is more democratic in practice than the enacting of laws for every one of the citizens to benefit, and leaders imbibing these acts to the constitution such that no one is greater than the other in the place of basic amenities and social responsibilities. If you are a citizen, you get as many perks as the other man or woman who cannot read or write, or even spell the UAE. 

In the Federal law of the UAE [United Arab Emirates] each UAE individual with special needs has the right to receive state-funded health and rehabilitation services, as well as support services, which comes with several advantages that are seen in the constitution. 

Today, we shall talk about the UAE disability act, how it works, how one can apply for a PWD in UAE, the options of disability insurance, and the types we have. I’ll plead that you read through to the end. 

What is the UAE disability act? 
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The UAE Disability Act simply states that UAE nationals with disabilities have the same rights to work and occupy public positions as a citizen of a country.  

This Federal Law No. 29/2006 was passed in 2006 to protect the rights of people with disabilities, such that disabled employees enjoy the legal right to be treated in the same way compared to other employees. 

How does state disability work? 
State disability insurance is a sort of coverage for employees who are unable to work due to illness or injury. When a worker is unable to execute their job due to a handicap, it partially replaces their pay. There are a variety of organizations that offer different sorts of disability insurance depending on your demography. 

This means that the subject citizen must have applied either through the employer or a private insurance provider and must have been paying premiums as required of the individual before time. In the case of where the staff or citizen is unable to work to earn an income, the disability insurance would cover according to the policy provided earlier. 

How can I apply for PWD in UAE? 
PWD means People with Determination, and an appreciation of their accomplishments in many professions in the UAE, they are referred to as either people with disabilities or as people of determination. 

One can apply for a PWD in UAE by registering a personal profile on the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) website. However, there is a list of requirements to enable one to enjoy these benefits, they are: 

1. Medical reports (sensory and physical impairments) or psychological reports (autism and mental disorders) from a government hospital in the UAE 
2. On a white backdrop, a personal photograph 
3. A copy of the person's passport 
4. Emirates ID photocopy (both sides) 
5. A copy of your residency visa, which must be valid for at least six months (required for ex-pat residents). Here's how to check the status of your UAE visa. 

What are the two types of disability insurance?  
There are two types of disability insurance, namely: 

1. Short-term disability insurance. 
This is a type of insurance that spans a short period; usually within 2 weeks to 2years max. Short-term disability insurance would cater for events where the policyholder is sick, pregnant, or had just undergone surgery which would hamper their ability to work and earn an income.   

2. Long-term disability insurance.  
Long-term disability insurance covers a lifelong situation as sickness, ailment, or casualty, compared to the short-term which does not exceed 2 years. 

What are the 5 options of disability insurance? 
While there are many options of disability insurance for the security of every individual depending on what they hold with high esteem. Examples of such are seen below. 

1. Mortgage disability insurance. 
2. Supplemental disability insurance. 
3. Long-term disability insurance. 
4. Short-term disability insurance.  
5. Social Security disability insurance. 

In conclusion, for a forward progressive economy like the UAE, it is fundamental that the rights of its citizens are not taken for granted or an individual getting better perks than the other due to disability caused in the event of work or sickness. The federal law of the UAE has embraced the disabled [PWD] as equals just like every citizen of the country of UAE.
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