What is Trulioo verification?

What is Trulioo verification?
So, the Bank has been known before now to open an account for you as you earn their trust with your money, while they commence a search on you to earn your trust through a process called the KYC [Know your customer] 

The KYC is simply a verification exercise that has the Bank cross-check the provided information on your mandate form, which could range from occupation, address provided, bank credit report, and some extras. 

All things being equal, if all information provided on your account form corresponds with that of the KYC conducted, such person or body could be said to have been verified. If you have an understanding of these, then you can easily relate to what Trulioo verification is as a service. 

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What is Trulioo? 
Trulioo is a RegTech [Regulatory Technology] type of company that leverages cloud computing technology to provide or verify/confirm the identity of individuals or organizations. Trulioo is a Canadian-based organization that renders services globally to prospective clientele who seek to verify the identity of an entity or business name. 

Over the years, Trulioo has proven to deliver with business relationships shared with Banking, eCommerce, Gaming, FinTech, and a host of others through the use of an API [Application Programming Interface] 

What is Trulioo Verification? 
Trulioo Verification is a digital search process initiated to verify the address and database of an individual and a business brand. This verification exercise is conducted for businesses who seek to confirm how safe, or credible an entity/body is before completing a transaction with them. 

Trulioo verification is not limited to jobs within its demographic but is globally still relevant. 

Who is the CEO of Trulioo? 
Steve Munford is currently the CEO of Trulioo Inc., and also the President of Trulioo Inc. Steve Munford happens to hold a key executive position alongside 12 others who ensure the carefully thought-out leadership of the business’ sustenance and growth strategy. 

Is Trulioo a Fintech? 
Trulioo works with several FinTech [Financial Technologies] as a RegTech [Regulatory Technologies] amongst other industries, however, Trulioo is distinctly not a FinTech by a single course. 

Trulioo is a Regtech, which means it has a community of tech businesses working together to tackle difficulties coming from a technology-driven economy through automation, compared to Fin-Tech which’s ultimate focus is Financial Technology. 

Is the Trulioo safety agreement legit? 
It won't be out of place for the general public or prospective clients of Trulioo to seek to know how legitimate the brand is before seeking its services. 

One of the many questions asked is if Trulioo's safety agreement is legit, well, your answer is clear: yes, Trulioo’s safety agreement is legit. 

When was Trulioo founded? 
Trulioo Inc. started its RegTech journey on the 11th of January, 2011. 

Is Trulioo a startup? 
Trulioo is a Vancouver-based business that has secured approximately $394 million in investment led by TCV, with involvement from previous investors such as Mouro Capital, Blumberg Capital, American Express Ventures, and Citi Ventures. 

Where is Trulioo located? 
Trulioo is a technology verification firm established in Canada that provides electronic identification and address verification services to both people and businesses. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the location.

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