What is typography in web design?

What is typography in web design?
I could bet what first popped in your head was “Typographical Error”, perhaps you are closer to the mark than one who has no idea at all. While typographical errors could be some words heard or seen more often, it is good to know it was birth from the word typography, which has to do with the manner and pattern a type character can be portrayed legibly and stylishly. 

What is Typography? 
Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed, according to Wikipedia. Selecting typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing (leading), and letter-spacing (tracking), as well as adjusting the space between pairs of letters, are all part of type arrangement (kerning). Typography also refers to the style, arrangement, and appearance of the letters, numbers, and symbols produced by the process.

This article would further beam light on the meaning of the word typography, its place in web design, the types, importance, and other characteristics. Kindly read through to the end. 

Why is Typography important? 
Permit me to snap your thoughts from the box that typography was all about documents and presentations in the corporate sphere. No! Typography happens to be everywhere around you, wherever there is a text/type, inscriptions on your toothpaste, condiments, signages, calendars, mobile phone, etc. While the list is endless, the weight and impact this does are weightier than the content they carry. 

If there is anything to pick from this section, it should be that the fonts [typography] we select to do more than just convey your carefully prepared brand messaging; they further elicit strong, emotional, and intentional emotions. 
Importance of Typography.

One of the niches intentionally carved by brands or influencers is the need to be consistent with the brand which makes identification easier. If we are to mention Coca-cola, I could bet you have a mental picture of the color and typeface or font, this implies that if the name is seen with a variant of typeface/color/font, it arouses suspicion. 

Visual hierarchy is simply the intentional pattern in which our brain works to spot out a more visible text or color or typeface compared to another smaller or less colorful character in a screen, book, and all around. 

It strikes an intentional gaze to the greater size before picking the less appealing. This is pure psychology and good leverage for any creator. 

In the process of reading an item, you can almost tell if it's for kids [through the infusion of bright colors and extra stylish type face] or otherwise. The bottom line is there is a deeper connection with typography, one of which is personality. 

Since these are just words and color, the voice of the message can only be heard by these deciding factors, hence there is a need to ensure the right color, texts, typeface, and font to your design. A sentence or word can be put out and instill different meanings just by the typeface and colors applied. 

One of the major use and application of typography is to get attention either way. Typography is a simple and effective way to make characters stand out in a design; this could be by Increasing the size, color change, font, or typeface to contrast with the surrounding elements are all schemes to overall get the audience’s attention. 

Why is typography important in web design? 
The alignment of the text on the website page guides the readers since they are easier to read and follow. It decides how the viewer goes through the website, either they continue reading or otherwise. 

The use of many fonts and different colors, can confuse the viewers and distract them. It is advised that one should not use more than 2 to 4 typefaces in a website design; Using the same type of fonts and typefaces throughout the website permeates consistency. 

It is important to note first-hand the image you intend to portray while designing a website. In as much as you intend to portray a corporate brand, you still need to get the attention of the audience with the right colors and texts. 

The text on the website should be readable. This means that the line and word spacing, font size, are essential considerations. Maintaining a consistent spacing between letters and words are also key and will have a significant influence on how the material appears and appeal to the audience. 

In conclusion, typography in web design is the professional sequencing and superimposition of types, making them more appealing to the audience for easy read and retention while conveying a message. 

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