What kind of Google penalties can you get Guest Posting?

What kind of Google penalties can you get Guest Posting?
Creative writing is a cerebral journey that never ends since it requires the need to always top-up one’s information bank. On the path of your cerebral journey, there are times one may need to un-learn and re-learn information, however most times [depending on your information pool] it gets better with adding more data or at least creating new analogies to your information bank. 

Just like Gin and juice goes better together, every blogger requires to be creative in their parlance. It is a skill as vital as having a paddle to go with a canoe in the night on river Nile; and as such every blogger seeks to get a buzz here and there, hence their choice in considering being a Guest blogger on neighbouring platforms. 

In today’s topic, I will be pointing out how not to shoot yourself on the foot as a guest blogger seeking the buzz so hard that you get penalized by Google. 

What is Guest posting? 
Just for emphasis, Guest posting is simply the process where a blogger writes or features on another blog other than theirs. It is a medium whereby bloggers seek authority to increase their rankings, leveraging on the domain of others whereby they can also infuse backlinks. 

Guest posting is also referred to as Guest blogging. The sole aim of being a guest blogger is to increase the blogger’s ranking as SEO [Search Engine Optimization] procedure, while the other reason would be to appeal to more audience than the blogger’s usual circle. 

Does guest posting still work? 
Guest posting is a vital strategy for SEO ranking which involves a seamless process of creating informative materials that can appeal to the large audience on the internet space while infusing keywords and long-tail words to optimize search conducted by online surfers, and at the end gives brand name/blog preference in SERP [Search Engine Related Pages]. 

The guest post was seen before and up until now still finds great use by bloggers or digital marketers. It is a great recipe to ensure one has the audience engaged with the right information, likewise beneficial for the visibility of both the domain name, the services rendered, and the bloggers in question. It is always a win-win situation with guest posting. 

Is guest posting safe in SEO?  
Everyone is going digital these days which makes it healthy, right? but there is a reason to worry about Ransomware, which is also a digital tool that renders your domain hostage and could cause possible loss of files where not carefully managed or avoided; hence it won't be out of place to review if guest posting is safe? 

Well, guest blogging is a safe SEO tactic that leverages other domain names to increase the blogger’s authority for SEO, likewise, does it expose the parlance and fluidness of the blogger, providing a spread to a new audience and gives backlinks to your website as a blogger. This interprets guest posting as a safe tool for SEO. 

Does Google penalize guest posting? 
No, my leader! Google is not cruel to penalize you for providing good content that ranks organically upon related searches, however, if the guest blogger on your platform has made use of backlinks that were intended for spam and not for content, such individual would cause a penalty on the domain name. 

Google had earlier released information stating “guest blogging equals spam” which caused some concerns especially for bloggers who had good intentions. On the contrary, what this simply means is that when people employ spam and black hat SEO to mislead Google into providing free organic search results when the process was not organic, Google despises it. 

What is a Google manual penalty? 
The word manual penalty is one of the sacred features seen on the internet space, especially as a digital marketer or a blogger. Manual penalties are imposed penalties by Google personnel for pages with possibly accidental concerns content quality and security, or for black hat SEO that intentionally manipulates Google's algorithm. Manual penalties, unlike algorithm penalties, are simple to spot and correct. 

What kind of Google penalties can you get guest posting? 
Google penalties can be applied when your website's content links to the domain/website of your guest post, which badly impacts your website's link profile.  

Online surfers and publishers should be more conscious when they run a website that accepts and publishes guest articles, knowing that Google can penalize publishers that use artificial outbound links.  
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