What makes Dubai a major tourist attraction?

What makes Dubai a major tourist attraction?
"Change", they say, "is a constant thing in life". And for a city with healthy projections, willpower, and the right energy, transformation is never a surprise, but a milestone on the path of more.  

Maybe you could best explain the sudden change from how Dubai has been portrayed, from a mere emirate with vast arid land, then a better feat as a location for Desert safari, and now you have many reasons to have the city set on the map. 

That Dubai is considered a good spot for tourists is a function of planning, this was through the good effort of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who had projected the need to diversify, especially into tourism other than the black gold.  

Today’s article is easily portrayed from where history began in 1979 when Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Sheikh Zayed commissioned the country's first-ever hotel, the Metropolitan Hotel Dubai located in Dubai.  

What makes Dubai a major tourist attraction? 
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While there are a good number of tourist attractions in the UAE [United Arab Emirates], Dubai has been able to exceed the bar of the ordinary by creating monumental experiences ranging from the world’s tallest building, luxury hotels, ski-Dubai, Dubai fountain, Dubai Aquarium, and Underwater Zoo are just amongst the many unique things' tourist look forward to experiencing. 

Judging by the beautiful ambience, Dubai has been considered a good spot for moviemakers to shoot their movies. And your bet is as good as mine, most of the films were celebrated internationally. 

Basically, for any tourist who is yet to draw up a conclusion on where to visit, Dubai is often suggested, as it ticks every box on your vacation list, and yeah, it does well for your happy heart. 

Why do so many tourists want to visit Dubai? 
That you have a flux of tourists' swarming Dubai is no coincidence. Dubai ranks high among options of travel destinations, and this may differ from personal experiences. Since Dubai is not known for just a feat, but a handful of amazing things any traveller would consider. 
Below are 10 reasons why tourists visit Dubai. 
1. Processing a visa to Dubai is not a hurdle if your travel documents are in place. 
2. The world’s largest building of 163 Storey, Burj Khalifa is in Dubai. 
3. Dubai is known as a hub for shopping, from jewellery, clothes, shoes, and more. 
4. Popular desert safari has been a major pointer for a good number of tourists. 
5. Dubai has an underwater zoo; a clear view of the aqua world. 
6. The Ski-Dubai is a good spot to experience indoor skiing. 
7. The Dubai fountain is absolutely a good reason for a visit. The fountain adds an extra effect of mesmerizing water, music, and light show in Downtown Dubai. 
8. We could talk about the luxury hotels all day; Dubai sure knows how hospitality should be served, so they do more and serve on a platter. 
9. Dubai, being a forward-moving city has leveraged technology and has included robots in their affairs in the Police department. 
10. Dubai is a city where luxury cars like Ferrari and Bugatti are seen everywhere, even considered for police pool cars. Some worthy sight. 

Why Dubai, is one of the most visited cities in the world? 
In the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC], Dubai has been known as the most expensive city in the region, and one of the most expensive cities in the world. Now tell me, who would not want to have a glimpse of the most expensive city in one’s lifetime? [I mean] 
Dubai has monumental edifices to keep a tourist agog in beautiful ways than one. Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world as there is something for everyone; from the business seeking individual, to family time vacation in a choice hotel, or some desert expedition, or simply shopping in one of the largest malls in the world... Dubai is a good excuse for that visit. 

What is the #1 tourist attraction? 
If you have monumental records sighted in a demographic, this automatically explains the reason it is considered the number 1 tourist attraction. 

The Burj Khalifa is the number 1 tourist attraction in Dubai. 
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