What printing companies are doing differently than before in 2022

What printing companies are doing differently than before in 2022
The innovation journey comes with some hearty smiles and smirks, especially if you are in the middle of the transition. For the stakeholders, especially the ones at the receiving end, it is a welcome return to the journey that they had longed for. 

This act makes them jump into it right away. However, for people like the conventional printing companies, it is a moment of truth, as there is an express need to catch up with technology or miss the chance of customer retention. 

In today’s post, I will be addressing what most people and organizations fail to address, and that is transition. This will categorically address the printing companies. 

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How printing changed the world 

In the dark ages, knowledge was at its infant stage, and the need for questioning things was just in the process. This period had the entire human race acting almost in the same direction until illumination began. Civilization gradually permeated into the dark thought processes of culture, and then innovation came. 

Fast forward, printing was the channel people used for the dissemination of new information. I won't bore you with the roles the scribes played who diligently sat day and night to manually replicate information. Since this process was manual, it required more time and was therefore available to a few, the elites and the early churches. 

The early church could have more printed scrolls after the invention of the analog printing mechanism. There was a good spread of information for all. This act only allowed the use of information and a good spread of knowledge to people who could read and those who had just started the journey. 

What are printing companies doing differently? 

After the invention of the offset printing machines, it was a jamboree of information from printing press book publications, to personal projects like advertisements, newspaper publications, flyers, instructional manuals, and some creative personal interests. 

Just as every victory tale wears out eventually, offset printing is the only type of printing technology that has had a modification based on shortcomings. Things like color, speed, size, editing, and more were factored into this innovation, which led to the digital printing phase. 

This era began the phase of competition, striving for mastery and dominance in a saturated market. 

How printing companies are doing things differently than before. 

As the world accepted the potpourri that comes with digital printing and its many perks, the dispensation of digital space, especially after the recent pandemic, became a thing to consider. 

What this simply means is that businesses shifted from the conventional print media to analog/digital and then to the digital space. This was fueled by the realization of active time observed on the internet, especially on mobile smart devices. 

Printing companies, therefore, understood this sudden trend and became digitally active as well as conventional by creating a digital footprint through the creation of websites, social media platforms, and email marketing to create a form of engagement with their customers, and potential customers. 

Printing companies like OBL Prints - Digital Printing Press in Dubai took a creative path in also creating a DIY [Do It Yourself] seamless process whereby interested individuals can use their online platform to create designs, upload a design or graphic, and have it delivered to a provided address. 

These types of services are peculiar to portrait prints, canvas, wallpapers, and the like. 

While this is not just being innovative and warm to embrace the wind of technology, OBL Prints Dubai has also provided a seamless process of having jobs done without delays and backlogs from both parties. 

In conclusion, being an enemy of innovation is just time-wasting and, in the long run, colossal, because you get to argue with reality and, in the end, lose customers. Printing businesses that are still at the forefront in Dubai have adopted the use of the digital space to engage their customers and at the same time close sales. 

For more information on printing businesses, you can reach out to OBL Prints Dubai, a top printing press house in Dubai. OBL Print Dubai specializes in the design and printing of corporate, indoor, and outdoor printing services, from business cards to gift printing, large outdoor banners, and a host of other bespoke printing requests.
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