What real estate agency to address when buying real estate in Business Bay

What real estate agency to address when buying real estate in Business Bay
Business Bay is one of the most lively and business-oriented neighborhoods in Dubai. Foreigners come there to witness outstanding architecture, enjoy unique recreational opportunities, and have a look at stylish real estate. As a rule, most foreign investors prefer to purchase 1-bedroom apartments in Business Bay because they are the type of property with high liquidity and extreme demand. 

Still, buying real estate abroad is not a simple step to perform. The procedure includes many hidden confusions and misunderstandings, especially if you do not speak the language. Such a complication forces potential buyers to contact a real estate agency. For this reason, we have gathered the experts` pieces of advice on how to choose the right real estate agency in Dubai.

Why is addressing real estate agencies important?

Having decided to buy real estate abroad, the buyer will inevitably be forced to contact the agency because finding the seller himself in this case is almost impossible. But the right choice of the one with whom to cooperate depends on the safety and benefit of the future sale or lease transaction. This is especially true in such a dynamic city like Dubai and its popular neighborhood, like Business Bay, so local experts were top-4 main tips for choosing a reliable real estate agency.

1. Explore the experience of real estate agents

The first thing you should pay attention to is experience. In order to trust a real estate agency, you need to study its reputation in the real estate market, find out how many years the company has been in business, and turn to the one that has established itself in the best way. Of course, you have the right to investigate the diploma and honors provided by the agency itself, but it is always better to speak to real clients. Besides, those who have already addressed the agency may direct a buyer to the most professional specialist. 

2. Check the agents `awareness of the current situation in the real estate market

The second important aspect is whether the agency's specialists are aware of the situation in the local real estate market and whether the company has all the necessary permits. In relation to Dubai, this criterion is of critical importance because only a fairly good knowledge of the local realities will help the buyer avoid making a mistake with the location of his future first or second home and not lose money on the price by knowing the basic price of housing or other real estate typical of the area. As for company registration, in Dubai, registration with the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is a mandatory requirement for any brokerage.

3.  Ask which methods of search and technological advances they use in the whole process of a deal

The third aspect is the technological base—the use of modern technology to promote the company on the market. Pay attention to the design of the company website and the freshness and relevance of the information presented there. In today's world, high technology is a sure way to success. If the agency does not invest in its own development, perhaps it does not care about its reputation or income. Compare the prices of real estate options on various websites and the information provided. If the prices are too low or too high, it should warn you. 

4. The feeling of trust and reliability

The fourth, but no less important, sign of a noteworthy real estate agent is the set of real estate offers the company has, and finally, your own "sixth sense." Look at the listings on the website—the number, the variety, and the ability to meet your requirements—and one of these houses or one of these apartments could be your future home. So ask yourself what impression you had after visiting the website, and if it was positive, do not hesitate and move on to the next step—the personal contact—so the experienced agency staff could dispel all your doubts about buying or renting the object you like. Still, stay confident and rational, ask questions, and get accurate answers.

On the whole

When looking for a trusted real estate agency, pay attention to any details. If you feel some insecurity or do not get precise answers, abandon the idea of working with these specialists. To get the best experience communicating with professional agents, contact Ax Capital. The outstanding quality of service along with deep knowledge will leave only positive emotions in the process of a deal.

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