What's the Impact of Live Streaming in the UAE?

What's the Impact of Live Streaming in the UAE?
Wherever there be a piece of good music in the air, there is a body rhythm. It happens before you could get a hang of it; perhaps some reflex. Hence it is no surprise that people of the UAE [United Arab Emirates] are also taking a plunge into the use of digital marketing technology where it embraces live streaming as a measure of reaching out to its audience. 

Let’s digress a bit about the UAE and innovation. The UAE has been sighted as one of the innovative countries in the world, going by how they engage in the buzz of technology, if they are not creating a monumental leap, they are changing the narrative of an existing being. 

Is the UAE law open to living to stream as intended by the users, and for those who have introduced live streaming into their mode of marketing, what has been the impact? These amongst other subtopics would be addressed today. 

What about live streaming? 
Live to stream as defined by Wikipedia is online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time. It is often referred to simply as streaming, but this abbreviated term is ambiguous because "streaming" may refer to any media delivered and played back simultaneously without requiring a completely downloaded file. 

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Is live streaming illegal in the UAE? 
I found the need to include this here and right after the main topic so we don’t shortchange ourselves or waste time selling what is unusable. 

Live streaming is a key feature in most of your social media applications and has not been said to be illegal in the UAE, so you can make use of the services for your marketing intent. 

It was earlier recorded in the UAE that two streaming apps were blocked, Periscope and Meerkat, one of which was bought and integrated into Twitter. Having cleared the air on this, please be rest assured that live streaming is enabled in the UAE. 

Are our live streams effective?  
One of the latest lifehacks is the live streaming marketing technique. It is fair to inquire if Live streaming is effective, and here is the answer to it: in the use of live streaming, viewers tend to consume content on your time, and not on their time. This implies you are only engaging with people who are conscious of your brand, and people that find your content useful. Simply put, live streams are effective. 

What is the impact of live streaming? 
1. Live streaming strengthens your brand’s social media presence. 
2. With live streaming, there is transparency which helps give the brand a better view. 
3. Considering the flux of age bracket on the social media space for information, you have the edge of reaching a younger audience. 
4. Asides from the consumption of your data, you save money for what is similar to a TV ad, with an edge of no break in transmission or ads in between. 
5. There is a feedback loop that makes communication complete. 

Why live streams are important? 
Live streams are important and have been considered as one of the new channels of reaching your target audience. 

The awkward part is this, if you don’t use the live-streaming tool, your competitor will use it and may not just get new customer strength, they also may take yours. 
My point? Get in line! 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of live streaming? 
Well, just like Hannah can be spelt both ways, there are advantages and disadvantages to the live streaming marketing technology. Please see below some information for your guide. 

What are the advantages of live streaming? 
1. Live streaming is easy to use once you can communicate. 
2. It is free, asides from data consumption or your plan on the platform of use. 
3. You can reach a large audience with live streaming. 
4. With live streaming, you can create a library of content. 
5. Live streaming creates a closer bond with your audience. 

What are the disadvantages of live streaming? 
1. You need to have a stable network and a good device. 
2. Data consumption will be on the high side, so expect that if you are not on an unlimited plan. 
3. Wrong information or coordination can be easily seen. 
4. You are unable to edit or introduce filters. 
5. With live streaming, you cannot control your audience on what is asked. 
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