What services do web designers offer?

What services do web designers offer?
If you provide web design services to clients, whether as a freelancer or through an agency, there are several more connected services that you may provide. 

By providing more services, you will be able to raise the average client's income, allowing you to generate more money with fewer clients. Your clients will also benefit from having a single supplier for numerous services rather than having to search and engage multiple specialists.
Let's look at some of the specific services you could provide. Your unique experience and skills will influence the services you choose to provide. If you are a web designer ill show you some of the services that you could provide.

What services do web designers offer?
1. WordPress Support 
WordPress is such a popular content management system that it is used to build a huge percentage of new websites. According to statistics, WordPress powers 34% of the internet, and this figure is growing. WordPress is an excellent CMS for many small and medium-sized enterprises, and everyone appreciates the fact that it is completely free. However, WordPress users are sure to run into certain difficulties that necessitate some assistance. The disadvantage of using a free CMS is that getting help and support might be difficult. Although there is a free help forum, receiving responses to your issues there might be hit or miss.

2. Hosting 
Your site design clients will require hosting, which is another service you may provide. Best of all, hosting generates continuous monthly revenue, which increases as you add more clients. You do not need to own and maintain your own servers in order to provide web hosting to your clients. You may simply obtain a reseller hosting account, allowing you to provide hosting to your clients without having to manage the details yourself. Before you provide hosting to your clients, think about how much time it will take to provide assistance.

3. Ongoing Website Maintenance and repairs 
Clients that pay you to create a website are almost certain to require some extra service at some time. Even if the website is designed with a content management system (such as WordPress) that allows the customer to easily add and maintain the material on their own, some maintenance will be required at some time. This maintenance could include small design or layout modifications, additional parts of the website, or other things that the customer is unable to handle on their own via a CMS.

4. Design of Graphics 
While logo creation is one part of graphic design, you could also create business cards, brochures and marketing materials, labels, and other items for your clients. 

Clients that pay you to build a website can benefit from some of these other services, and you could even develop packages that contain items such as a website, logo, brochures, and so on. 

5. Advertisement Design 
Most of your web design clients will engage in some form of advertising, and they may not be able to create those advertisements in-house. It might be internet banner advertisements, magazine ads, billboards, or any other kind of advertising.

6. Social Media Administration 
Most businesses utilize social media in some form, but relatively few exploit it to its full potential. Entrepreneurs and small companies sometimes lack the time and personnel to handle their social media presence successfully on their own, which is where you come in. You can offer to assist clients by managing their social pages, freeing up their time to focus on other essential aspects of their business. Many social media managers or virtual assistants will provide packages that contain a set amount of social media postings.

7. Copywriting 
If you have any writing skills, you can offer copywriting services to your clients. In many cases, this would entail writing text for a landing page or a sales page. This could be a very profitable service since good copywriting can have a big impact on income. Given that you'll be working on the client's website anyhow, providing a service related to generating the text for these pages seems like a natural fit.

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