What software do web designers use?

What software do web designers use?
For the craving for perfection and the intent to exceed the client’s expectation or to ease the burden off a web designer, there is always a question asked either to colleagues in the field or the search engine to explore updated software that could best serve a web design task or project. 

While web designers could have a favorite software with which they have gotten acquainted and serves them just well, [at least for now] it can be concluded that we have a variant of software applications for web designs. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to see the range of options you can dip from as a web designer, likewise, I shall share the specialties to each of the software for your review; who knows, you may have a rethink in your consideration to that next web design. 

Considering the flux of software, a web designer has to interface to produce results, I have grouped these into 4 groups for better comprehension and so it doesn’t pose as voluminous. 

Web designs could vary based on the client’s need or expectation, just as web designers could vary due to the market saturation, however, for the sensitivity of the task, a listening ear and an inner mind that deciphers and transduces intent to the desired output requires a team of experts, this is where The Watchtower - Web Design Agency, Dubai comes in.  

Below are the 4 groups and the software considered by web designers. 

At the planning stage, a Sitemap is required by web designers to enable clients to have a visual comprehension of the project. if this is not considered on a drawing sheet or whiteboard and marker, Microsoft Word would be the ideal software for this feat. This could also be called the administrative phase. 

This stage affords the creative path of the web designer to exhibit his/her prowess in interpreting the client’s intent into visually appealing designs for the end-users. 

Software considerations here are

I. Adobe XD:  
This is a vector-based tool that finds use for front-end design and prototyping user experiences on platforms. 
II. Photoshop: 
According to metrics, Photoshop is the most used application for developing Wireframes and building websites. While there is a variant of applications for developing website design layouts, most web designers feel more comfortable with the use of the application. 
III. Adobe InDesign: 
Adobe InDesign has carved a niche for itself for layout and page design in print and digital media. It is often used in the production of exquisite graphic designs using the font from the best foundries and pictures from Adobe Stock. 
InDesign has everything you could think of to complete that web design. 
IV. Adobe Illustrator: 
A worthy consideration for web designers is Adobe Illustrator. For Web and mobile graphics, as well as logos, icons, book illustrations, and so much more, using this vector graphics software makes it a smooth ride. It also affords compatibility and versatility on both desktop and iPad. 


I. Dreamweaver: 
This is an excellent software for creating websites. It is a worthy consideration for developers, as they can construct web pages by adding and modifying HTML code using its visual design and code editor seamlessly. 
II. WordPress: 
One of the likely most sought CMS (Content Management System) would be WordPress. Among the many reasons would be Its simplicity of use, and adaptability feature. One of the wonderful things about WordPress is that there is a plethora of free lessons accessible online to aid curious minds to get acquainted with it. 
III. Google Web Designer: 
This is another excellent tool for generating interesting HTML5 content. Its possibilities include but are not limited to animation and interactive components, which makes provision for web designers and web developers to their measure of creativity. 
IV. Sublime Text: 
While many may not be familiar with this application, Sublime Text is a choice text editor that has many more capabilities than Notepad++ [another design/development software]. The sublime text holds grip for hand-coding websites and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. 

This phase is where the website is completed and checks are carried out if it runs seamlessly without bugs. 
Google Chrome Inspector: 
This serves as an excellent application for testing and debugging web pages.  
With its easy use, you can simply open the Google Chrome browser, navigate to the desired web page, and right-click with your mouse. Upon right-clicking, pick "inspect" from the drop-down menu to launch the tool.  

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