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What technology is used in marketing in Dubai?

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 If Law of attraction was a technology, I would say this is the technology adapted to the marketing strength of Dubai. This makes better sense when as far back as 2018, the then Prime Minister of UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum mentioned that by the year 2021, he wants “to make Dubai the happiest place on earth”. 

Well, it is not news that Dubai is one of the happiest places on earth, if there is no metric to this effect, the flux of immigrants and tourists on a daily tells it all.  

Still, wondering what technology has been considered as a marketing tool that continually makes Dubai Tic or sought after? This article highlights marketing technology, the ones considered in Dubai, and what the future holds. 

What is Marketing Technology? 
Marketing technology is simply the infusion of technology and a routine that aids marketing teams in their job delivery. The technique is mostly utilized in Digital Marketing, but it is also used to optimize offline marketing channels as well. 

What technology is used in marketing in Dubai? 
Dubai has explored a plethora of marketing technologies that have paved the way, as the results are visible in the deployment of cutting-edge technologies in a range of industries under its terrain. 

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence [AI], Bots, Chatbots, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, 5G network, and the likes are just one of the popular achievements seen with technology in recent times, and if you look at the UAE as a whole, you can carefully point out visible penetration of these in various sectors from the Police force with the sample of robotics, Etisalat’s network coverage gaining them merits across shores, automated customer service representative as chatbots and the likes. 

What the outside world failed to pay attention to is that, while Dubai had these innovative technologies, and a country visibly thriving, a marketing strategy was implemented to create a buzz and possibly more investors as it ripples. 

Examples of these Marketing technologies are: 
1. Content Creation. 
2. Advert placement. 
3. Customer Relationship Management [CRM] 
4. Data Analytics. 
5. Social Media. 

What kind of technology does Dubai have? 
Dubai has been privileged to lead the world in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and technology transfer in the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics industries. The emirates as a whole have identified Dubai, having explored progressive government agenda that includes the creation of a live experimental testbed for concepts such as Hyperloop technology and flying manned transport. 

Is technology good for marketing? 
Marketing has metamorphosed into something more exciting from the conventional print media and television ads, likewise the physical strain of a salesman wholly dependent to close a sale to the introduction of marketing technologies that can be easily deployed and a record of qualitative analytics provided. 

Technology has altered marketing by personalizing and immersing campaigns for consumers and offering more connected and targeted ecosystems for marketers. Not only has the interface between brands and individuals been revolutionized, but so has the interface between brands and people as a whole. Technologies have improved marketing dynamics, and therefore proven to be a good tool for marketing.  

How can I do marketing in Dubai? 
The same principles that hold for initiating a marketing plan elsewhere would work even here in Dubai. The trick remains in drawing up a plan; this always starts with knowing your result from the conceptualization stage. This means you need to understand the purpose of the marketing and then initiate a feasibility review on the object, and then chart a course. The following pointers can help you steer a course. 

1. Carry out a feasibility study on object and subject. 
2. Improve your understanding of the market in which you desire to trade. 
3. Recognize opportunities in the market.  
4. Identify your competitors and how your company can keep a competitive advantage in the market. 
5. Determine your brand's positioning and messaging. 
6. Create a SWOT analysis. 

If the above has been identified, the below would then come in handy. 

1. Search Engine Optimization 
2. Search Engine Marketing 
3. Email Marketing 
4. Social Media and Content Marketing 
5. Advertisement. 

Marketing technologies can only be deployed by professionals like The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai, a magic hand to everything Digital Marketing, SEO analysis, and all-around IT Solutions.

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