What Websites do Accountants use?

What Websites do Accountants use?
There is something for everyone out there, and for every field of study, there is a website. Just like every storyteller needs a platform to convey his/her tales; an accountant is not left out in this riddle of play in life’s reality. 

One of life’s realities with the advancement of technology in digital media would be the website. Websites are a compilation of interrelated web pages bound with contents to serve excited online surfers for either providing resources, or on the flip side, users providing data for the platform interchangeably. 

Is it just me, or are accountants just smart professionals whom we believe are pretty good with sums, have a robust depth on cash flow management, rich, perhaps good looking, may not be so eloquent, but are wise investors. [maybe, it's just I see them in this demographic] oh well, I could just add being a clairvoyant to my portfolio, right? 

While I’m working on that, it may interest you to know what websites accountants use in their daily life, for resources, or as tools while being a professional. This article will not only guide you on this information, but will also equip you with who virtual accountants are, how they operate, and what a web-based accounting system is. 

Who is an accountant? 
Going to Wikipedia, an accountant is a practitioner of accounting or accountancy. Accountants who have demonstrated competency through their professional associations' certification exams are certified to use titles such as Chartered Accountant, Chartered Certified Accountant or Certified Public Accountant, or Registered Public Accountant. 

What websites do accountants use? 
While this appears a little vague, I need to remind you that accountants are also human beings, which means they still poop, yeah, as an ordinary being like myself. Concerning their profession, and a need to always ensure they have their A-game on, there are some web platforms that accountants must always resource with.  

Please do not mix this up as accounting web/mobile applications like Peachtree, Sage, and the likes; I'm talking websites in their actual use and sense. Kindly see below the websites that accounts use in their duties as a professional. 

1. AB Magazine. 
The worst thing that can happen to you is to believe you're there when you're actually in limbo... all by yourself. 

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) publishes the Accounts & Business Magazine, which provides essential and, most importantly, free information to accountants across the world. 

The website generates a wide range of subjects based on current events and their relevance to the discipline of accounting. Things like how artificial intelligence (AI) is affecting the sector, the role of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and many other issues are covered, ensuring that you are up to speed on everything related to finance. Their service also involves the distribution of newsletters to keep clients up to date on business developments. 

2. The Watchtower. 
In the bid to get your knowledge bank up to date, platforms like The Watchtower provides a piece of 360-degree information, especially trends from varying sectors that would skill anyone including an accountant to be exceptional in their place of business. The Watchtower shelters technology, healthcare, social and matters concerning the economy, utilities, amongst other exciting information for the modern age. 

3. Udemy. 
The awkward part of learning is that, it is never-ending, hence there is a need to continually up your unlearning and re-learning process. Where can one better do this than on an online class platform where materials are dished out, practical classes are held, and a network of professional accountants can share ideas. Udemy is a good website for accountants to study. 

4. Accounting Today. 
This is a trade publication that covers tax legislation, accounting standards, technology, audit and assurance, and wealth management, among other issues. Accounting Today is a website dedicated to accounting that has a community of contributors and a wealth of information on how to start an accounting company. 

What is the best accounting website? 
Having conducted some research, the National Society of Accountants is my pick as the best accounting website for professional accountants. It is seen as one of the largest, and well-respected platforms that cater to both tax and accounting experts.  

What is a Web-based accounting system? 
Web-based accounting software is accounting software hosted on remote servers. It requires no physical activity like traditional accounting however, the web-based accounting software functionality is through the web, with good internet access.  

What do virtual accountants do? 
Virtual accountants are trained specialists who work remotely to complete bookkeeping tasks like accounts payable and receivables, bank reconciliation, tax preparation, and the like. 

The virtual accountants perform all tasks expected of a qualified accountant, only that they do so remotely via the internet space. 
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