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What you should know about 3 types of AI

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It's 2022, and we have seen a good touch of artificial intelligence [AI] in most sectors. 

It is fair to say that AI has positively affected humans and their varying routines. 

If you look close enough, you can list either things you have read of or things you have seen that AI has enjoyed deployment that is currently easing process flow. 

Apart from the six branches of AI that have made streamlining automation even easier, today’s post will also equip you with the 3 main types of AI for your knowledge base. I will suggest that you please read through to the end. You never know, there may be a new term to get acquainted with.
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What can AI do for the ecosystem? 

In case you missed the news, artificial intelligence now mimics human speech, prepares binding documents, diagnoses medical conditions, plays games, drives automobiles, reads charts and makes decisions. This act makes it clear that the times we prayed for in yesteryear are finally here. 

Going by the truth that AI technology is designed to do special functions just as the branches of AI characterize them, well, even more, there are levels to these things. Below are the three types of AI that should interest you. 

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) 
  2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) 
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) 

1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence 

This type of AI is also called weak AI or narrow AI. 

This is so because they can only perform a singular task. 

This AI is the type seen in speech and voice recognition, car simulations, facial recognition, and the like. 

The Weak/Narrow AI operates based on the closed actions learned from human intelligence, hence may not be able to make concise decisions by itself. 

So far, this has only been the type of AI we have enjoyed a breakthrough with compared to how traditional science has played out. 

2. Artificial General Intelligence 

This type of AI is also referred to as strong AI or deep AI. 

It is the concept of a machine with general intelligence that mimics human intelligence and its behaviors with the ability to learn and apply its intelligence to solve problems when they arise. 

Compared to the ANI, AGI can think, understand, and act in a way that is indistinguishable from a human when the need arises. 

While AI researchers and scientists are yet to achieve strong AI to beat a path in innovation, it is clear that to succeed, they would need to find a way to make machines conscious, programming a full set of cognitive abilities. 

The AGI plans to take experiential learning to the next level beyond singular tasks and gain the ability to apply experiential knowledge to a broad range of challenges. 

3. Artificial Super Intelligence 

Artificial Superintelligence is the height of how AI should be perceived in executing tasks. 

This simply means that AI goes beyond mimicking to understand human intelligence and behavior to a state where machines become self-aware and surpass the capacity of human intelligence and ability in ways you never imagined. 

This would be the height of liberation for AI, but also the birth of new fears than ever before, having heard the theory of dystopian science fiction where robots go rogue and cause havoc to mankind. 

This concept of AI would embrace human emotions and experiences so that it goes beyond understanding and mimicking them and evokes habits, emotions, needs, beliefs, and self-grown desires. 

The ASI may appear scary, not even after seeing the blockbuster movie "I-Robot,” which had Hollywood’s celebrated actor Will Smith play the hero, where trained robots supposed to help mankind suddenly went rogue. 

However, there are some breakthroughs we can record with the aid of deploying ASI into our daily lives. Interesting, yeah? 

As I conclude, the AI has come to stay, and as I mentioned, if you look close enough, you will see them around you. If one thing is clear enough, it will be the knowledge that AI will break processes and achieve more results when we deploy it for the right cause. 

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