When did Dubai get independence?

When did Dubai get independence?
"The birth of any entity is a defining point in the sands of time for it to play a part in its ecosystem; nevertheless, genuine independence occurs when the entity comes to know of its birth and recognizes the position of choice." - Unidentified

The choice between being passive or space for more is made at the position of independence. Dubai, as an employee, recognized the importance of a job well done and was always looking for more when it came to becoming self-sufficient.

What was Dubai's strategy during this phase, and when did it take place? This and more is covered in today's comprehensive essay on Dubai's and the UAE's [United Arab Emirates] makeover.

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What is independence? 
Perhaps independence could mean different things to different people, but I bet it still signifies a bird being let out of the cage. 

Simply put, Independence is the state of being independent. This usually implies the reality of being dependent on self for sustenance without any form of support or coalition. 

When did Dubai get independence? 
The city of Dubai got its independence on June 9, 1833.  

It was recorded in the year 1833, that Maktoum bin Butti of the Bani Yas clan led his people to the Shindagha Peninsula near the mouth of Dubai Creek, marking a watershed moment in Dubai history. 

Al Maktoum bin Butti established himself in the town and declared it independent of Abu Dhabi. Dubai became known as a fishing community after that. Despite the huge changes that the emirates have seen, the Al Maktoum dynasty still reigns supreme in Dubai.  

Who owned UAE before independence?  
The British Protectorate owned the UAE before its independence.  

The UAE which was once known as the Trucial States is a group of sheikhdoms ranging from the Straits of Hormuz to the west along the Persian Gulf before being renamed the United Arab Emirates in 1971. 

As a result, the US had only a shaky relationship with the sheikdoms. When these sheikdoms merged to establish the UAE and attained independence, thereafter relations improved. Since then, the relationship has become more consistent and has gotten stronger over time. 

Who Found UAE?  
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the United Arab Emirates' founding father and primary driving force, unifying seven emirates and becoming the Union's first President, a position he maintained for over 33 years until his death in 2004. For more than 30 years, he was also the ruler of Abu Dhabi. In the United Arab Emirates, he is known as the "Father of the Nation." 
How old is the UAE? 
The UAE was founded on the 2nd of December 1971 as a federation, which makes it 50 years as a country in the Middle East. 

At the point of independence in 1971, the UAE was composed of 6 Emirates, and it took a year after to have the 7th Emirate join the UAE as a country. 

What is the old name of UAE?  
The UAE was once known as the Trucial States before its re-creation as the United Arab Emirates in 1971. 

Was UAE a British colony? 
While the Trucial States were not legally integrated into the British Empire, they became a British Protectorate, much like a colony. This meant that the British would protect them from any attack, on land or at sea. 
What are the 7 emirates called? 
The UAE is composed of 7 Emirates to make up the country. The 7 Emirates are listed below: 
1. Abu Dhabi. 
2. Dubai. 
3. Sharjah. 
4. Ajman. 
5. Umm al-Qaiwain,  
6. Fujairah. 
7. Ras al-Khaimah.

When it comes to independence, freedom, and rebirth, I can't help but think of Margaret Atwood's lovely lines from The Handmaid's Tale: "We were the ones who weren't in the newspaper." We made our home in the white areas at the print's perimeter. We had more freedom as a result of it. We made our home in the spaces between the stories."
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