Where to buy NFT art in Dubai

Where to buy NFT art in Dubai
If a man is true to himself, he would agree that the world has changed, and beyond that, it has long gone digital since your last blink of eyelids. Yeah, that was some seconds ago, and it is still in motion to another bit of innovation for the ease of mankind and its routine. 

The question is: do you want to be a part of this journey, or do you want to gripe over being left behind? 

While you’re thinking about your answer, which I already guessed, did you know that you can now secure your virtual properties against theft while busy in the streets of the internet all day? 

Art lovers like myself here in Lagos, Nigeria, can tell the story, and imagine the efforts of an artist with their well of creativity when I see their arts usually during any of my visits to the popular Nike Art Gallery in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.  

Certainly, no one would churn so much energy to a masterpiece, only to see another person take ownership, flossing around from your sweat, like the eight-wonder... No way! 

Well, this and more will we be addressing in today’s article, as we give light to NFT in Dubai, NFT art, and more. 

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What is NFT? 
NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token which is a virtual signature tool appended digitally to secure your property from identity theft. NFTs are tokens that find use to represent ownership of unique items digitally. It is likened to a unit of data stored on a digital ledger called the blockchain. 

Where can NFT be used? 
Imagine selling an NFT art at Christie’s Auction for a whopping sum of USD 69 million? Beeple, the digital artist behind this masterpiece barely sold art beyond USD 100.00 before now, but with the new wave of technology and a binge of creativity, “The first 5000 days” is not only a monumental piece by Mike Winkelmann [Beeple] but an avalanche of awe. 

NFTs are tokens that can be used to represent ownership of one-of-a-kind items. They enable us to tokenize items such as art, collectables, music, and more. NFTs can only have one official owner at a time and are protected by the Ethereum blockchain technology, therefore making it impossible to change the record of ownership. 

NFT can be used as seen below. 
1. DeFi [Decentralized Finance] 
2. Music. 
3. Fashion. 
4. Real Estates. 
5. Gaming. 
6. Domain Name Ownership. 
7. Logistics. 
8. Easy identification. 
9. Digital Art. 
10. Healthcare. 

Where to buy NFT art in Dubai. 
NFTs can be used to create unique digital art pieces with distinct and exclusive properties. They discover a use for it in ensuring proof of ownership. 

A pioneer in this direction is the renowned artist from Dubai, by name Amrita Sethi who was able to sell her 3D artwork for USD 102,000.00, giving pride to the UAE [United Arab Emirates] as a country, and stirring people to do more in their well of creativity in the NFT. 

Considering that the NFT is virtual, all of its trade is therefore done via the internet. Below are some platforms to trade your NFT for your ease. 
1. Mintspace
2. SuperRare 
3. Async Art 
4. Opensea 
5. MakersPlace 
6. KnownOrigin 
7. Foundation 
Where to sell NFT art in Dubai. 
As mentioned above, considering that subject art is digital, the sale or purchase can only be done via the internet. While some platforms like Opensea enable one to either buy or sell NFT art remotely, below are some other platforms that could interest you. 
1. Rarible 
2. KnownOrigin 
3. AtomicMarket 
4. Myth Market 
5. Enjin Marketplace 
6. Portion 

How can I buy NFT? 
Simply visit any of the listed platforms above or recommended as the case may be, review the item in question, you could either bid or make a purchase, depending on what is offered on the platform, and then follow the prompts. 

Payment modes usually vary from crypto to wallets to card transactions, since they are under the terms of the platform. 

How can one verify an NFT genuineness? 
1. Conduct your search on the creator’s social media profiles to see if they have posted any information on the listing. 
2. Confirm if the NFT is listed on other marketplaces; you can search with the link to the image. 
3. Evaluate the price of the listing, as the bid price may be too ridiculous for sale, and considered a fraud. 

Can a painting be an NFT? 
A painting can be an NFT, however, considering the method of exchange and the platform in use, the painting has to be digital and not a tangible [physical] mural. 

Can you sell NFT art? 
Yes, you can sell an NFT art anywhere virtually, provided you have the NFT. The subject could be listed on any of the platforms as mentioned
How to track and verify your NFT? 
You can use the Ethereum Blockchain Explorer [Etherscan] to verify and track your NFT.  
With the Etherscan, you can look up a wallet address, transaction, token, or Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Most people make use of the Etherscan to confirm a transaction status. 
The NFT is slowly gaining momentum, and if you are yet to be plugged into the virtual lock for your intellectual property, we still have room for you. Plugin! 

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