Which company comes under SME in UAE?

Which company comes under SME in UAE?
The size of a business has been a determinant of the choice of category it plays in. Business sizes like the MSME [Micro Small Medium Enterprise], SME [Small & Medium Enterprise], and other large corporations funnel into the business sector in the UAE [United Arab Emirates].  
SME’s have shown to be very instrumental to the increase in the nation’s GDP [Gross Domestic Product], as these happen to be more of the businesses around than that of the large corporations. 

For any lover of business in the UAE, today’s topic will provide you with more information on basic things you need to know about SMEs in the UAE. 

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What is an SME in UAE?  
The SME is a size of business made up of a company that keeps its sales, assets, or number of workers below a specific level. Although the number of workers could vary depending on the country, in the UAE, SMEs usually have a staff strength of less than 200 or 250 at most. 
It is amusing that some supposed popular names in your demographic are still categorized as SME since they are not listed for the public in the stock market, nevertheless, they contribute majorly to over 90% of the UAE’s workforce. 

Which company comes under SME in UAE? 
The SME is a business entity provided to cater service solutions or the sale of goods to a target audience. The SME is usually composed of staff strength of less than 250 according to a general standard. It will excite you to know that about 95% of the companies in the UAE are SMEs. Knowing how important they are to the economy’s growth; SMEs enjoy support from the government and private entities to increase innovation, employment rate, decrease in mortality, and some other ripple effects. 

What is the role of SMEs in the UAE? 
The role of SMEs in the UAE cannot be overemphasized. Going by the fact that the SMEs are responsible for an important part of the country's overall production networks and are critical to emerging nations ' national revenue.  

The role of the SME in recent years has been observed in the reduction in unemployment in the UAE and has been related to the emergence of a large number of SMEs. This participation of SMEs results in considerable GDP growth and money flow across the economy. Going by this statistic, it is prevalent that the Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will thrive as the state economy improves, and this has a chain reaction to every arm in the economy even yourself and your neighbour since they principally contribute to providing more money and jobs for every resident in the UAE. 

What qualifies as SME?  
In a clear sentence, any registered business entity under the country’s requirement that renders either service delivery or provision of goods with a staff strength of less than 250 qualifies as an SME. 

How do you qualify for SME?  
Although anyone with a solution to the needs of mankind can emerge into business, however, certain general metrics must be ticked to be qualified as an SME. This question is golden since it is a determinant to you getting funding from the UAE government or private funding, as the case may be. 

You can qualify as an SME if these criteria are met, they are: 

 1. Staff strength
In this context, staff strength refers to the entire number of employees, including full-time, part-time, and freelance employees who benefit financially from the firm. 

2. Annual balance sheet/Turnover
The value of the company's principal assets is referred to in the yearly balance sheet total. To be classified as an SME, your firm must fulfil either the annual turnover or the balance sheet condition. 

How many SMEs are there in UAE? 
Since numbers don’t lie, data has shown us according to the Ministry of Economy, that the SME sector accounts for more than 94% of all enterprises in the nation and employs 85% of the private sector's workers. SMEs account for about 95% of all enterprises in Dubai, employing 42 per cent of the workforce and contributing roughly 40% of the city's GDP. 

What percentage of the economy are SMEs? 
Having said that, it is not news that SMEs are critical to most economies, particularly those in developing nations. SMEs account for around 90% of all enterprises and more than 50% of all jobs worldwide. In emerging nations, formal SMEs produce up to 40% of national income (GDP), and this figure rises dramatically when informal SMEs are included. 
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