Which is a better investment Polygon MATIC or Ve Chain VET?

Which is a better investment Polygon MATIC or Ve Chain VET?
Perhaps a little introduction to wet the ground for those who want to be part of this thought process but cannot relate due to the knowledge gap. 

As the world daily yearns towards digitalization, technology has invented multiple schemes to which tasks are more seamless, this has provided a chain reaction even to the way businesses are being floated at the moment. 

Today, in this article, we talk about investments. We shall consider both Polygon which was formerly known as Matic, likewise the VeChain, which is also known as VET, and their unique features respectively. 

What is Polygon? 
Polygon is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain network framework. Polygon was previously known as Matic, but as its scope grew, it was essential to rename and restructure.

Matic Network was only a scaling solution, whereas Polygon is far more complex. Polygon is a communal blockchain ecosystem that allows for huge scalability while maintaining self-sovereignty.

Types of Polygon Chain
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There are two types of Polygon Chain, namely: 
1. Stand Alone Chain 
As the name implies, these chains are responsible for their security. It implies that, unlike the secured chain of Polygon Chains, they have their own set of validators. Choosing stand-alone chains implies your project will benefit from a high degree of independence and operational freedom, and as such, they are better suited for enterprise and big projects with strong communities. 

2. Secured Chain
Secured Chains are better suited for startups and initiatives that place a higher priority on security. With an emphasis on security, secured chains rely on security as a service via fraud or validity proofs for blockchain network validations. A project that wants to employ protected chains can also use a trustworthy validator pool, such as Polkadot's shared security features.  

While you may be excited that your project will gain from increased security, it is pertinent to note that it will also lose flexibility and autonomy as a result of using this Secured chain. 

What is VeChain? 
Among many others, VeChain (VET) was the first blockchain intended to meet the demands of enterprise-level clients. VeChain was created to provide customers with a range of additional features, making it suitable for organizations looking to improve supply chain protocols and business processes by utilizing Distributed Ledger Technology [DLT] to improve supply chain and product lifecycle management.  

VeChain enables organizations to track a massive quantity of data. Quality, authenticity, storage temperature, and transit status are all examples of indicators deployed in its processes that VeChain reduces overhead and improves accountability. 

Where to buy VeChain
After you must have understood the market and its indices, or leveraging on experts for calculated dips, you could purchase your VeChain from any of these exchanges. 
1. Binance
2. BitPanda
3. Easy Crypto.
Kindly note that these exchange platforms are more preferred in some demographics, so there is a need to find out which has been used in your current location before taking action. 

Where to buy Polygon. 
1. Binance
2. Easy Crypto
3. Kraken
4. BitPanda

If you want to store your cryptocurrency for an extended period of time, a hardware wallet is ideal for holding your bitcoin offline in cold storage. This method makes it difficult for hackers to access your valuables. This feat may be performed with either the Ledger Nano S or the more advanced Ledger Nano X.

Which is a better investment Polygon (MATIC) or VeChain (VET)? 
When questions like this come up, the place of mastery and skill is required for the evaluation, as only experts can tell which is better. I would suggest you study and understand the market, liaise with an expert, and proceed with your decision.  

Investments carefully understood can birth calculative projections that have you smiling to the Bank, however, there are deciding factors to this feat, hence there is a need to be abreast of the economy and its ripple effect to all tiers. 

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