Which Social Media Platform is Best for Fashion Brands?

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Fashion Brands?
Dubai is known for many things from technology, tourism, jaw-gapping edifices, rich culture, and a handful of them. Just as some of these highlights are not yet spotted or enjoyed by a few, perhaps for whatever reason, one major common ground shared amongst the people of Dubai is their high taste in fashion. 

Fashion is by far a thing of a hobby for some, but for most, it is considered leisure. In Dubai for instance, you have a range of notable high-end fashion brands which you know for sure come at some eye-popping prices. But would they be bought? Oh yes! Why then? I’ve got two answers to that. 

One is because Dubai is a flourishing megacity that harbours a diverse mix of people, however, the statistics of the rich to poor is relatively bankable for the high-end store, hence their assurance of the guaranteed sale. While the second, [which is one of the reasons why we are here] which is the power of influence[r].  

In today’s topic, we shall consider which social media platform is best for fashion brands in Dubai, amongst other things. 

What about fashion brands? 
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Fashion brands are designer labels or high-end luxury fashion names that pull the weight in the fashion business. 

They design, create and implement mesmerizing outfits tailored for retail use. While some may be doing pretty affordable clothes for the mass while leveraging on the turnover from retail going by affordability, others prefer the careful understanding that the high-end brands speak quality and that’s enough reason for their pick. 

Which social media platform is best for fashion brands? 
Social media has done us all a favour or two when it comes to fashion. If it hasn’t done anything, it would be considered only even if for visibility and awareness. 

While social media selection in preference to our choice in fashion could vary based on terrain, price of the item, age bracket. 

In Dubai, and even most demographics, Instagram is often more considered for fashion brands. 

With the Instagram application, fashion stores are way closer than ever. With the options to post live videos, post pictures, reels, and even set post notifications on your favourite, it is shopping done as leisure. 

Even if you never intended to purchase on the merchant platform, you could sightsee/window shop, ask questions via DM/comment section where necessary, and be more susceptible to purchase just walking through. 

I’ll tell you for free, this has got to be Instagram over any other social media platform for Dubai. 
How do you market a clothing brand on social media? 
Considering the flux of competitors doing and selling almost the same thing/service you’re rendering on the same platforms, what could make one different in marketing your clothing brand? 

The answers are carefully highlighted below. 
1. You can start with quality products; they don’t fail. Be known to sell only quality clothing brands, and people will come around. 
2. Ensure you take nice pictures of your brands. 
3. Create amazing stories around your posts. 
4. Have testimonies/witnesses in form of clients who have worn your outfits, perhaps a picture or video would go a long way. 
5. You can market a clothing brand on social media by leveraging on influencers. Influencers would capitalize on their follower's strengths and subconsciously convert followers to prospective customers. 

How social media helps fashion brands in Dubai? 
Social media is that country for all countries. It is the hub for all hubs. It is the place where you could go to confirm what colour of shoes you are currently wearing. Lol  

My point is that you have all the answers there. So, how about you tweak it to help boost your fashion brand in Dubai as your demographic? 

1. You can make use of social media to subconsciously be in the face of clients and prospective clients. 
2. It is a virtual office, so go ahead to best convince the world that you know your onions. 
3. Social media makes you not limited to your location, as you can be considered from a different terrain based on your service. 

How do you promote a fashion brand? 
You can promote your fashion brand in Dubai by: 

1. Providing quality services. 
2. Have engagements on your platforms. 
3. Giving incentives/sales often. 
4. Post beautiful content. 
5. Leveraging on influencers. 
6. Using Ads to promote your services. 
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