Why do you need Car Insurance?

Why do you need Car Insurance?
What do we say to people who had bought a car insurance policy, and have paid their premium, perhaps for about 3 years already, but have had no reason to call for repairs; not for them, and not for a third party either.  

Maybe we could draw up a conclusion by saying that if the driver could be caring for those long a period without a scratch or dent to a car, maybe he/she should stop paying premiums since it appears like a waste. Here is my answer to that thought of yours: kindly proceed with your premiums, and disregard the thought of finding no need to continually pay. I’ll tell you why in today’s article, as we consider why you need car insurance. 

Why do you need car insurance? 
In most regions like the UAE [United Arab Emirates], it is mandatory to get automobile insurance. If you are at fault in a car accident, your car insurance policy's auto liability coverage helps pay for covered losses, such as the other party's medical costs and damage to their vehicle or other property. 

Well, you need car insurance to be both penny wise and pounds wise. This means that you can have a financial covering over any car damage for yourself, a third party, a case of theft, or outright damage. Car insurance saves you from worrying over the need to repair the car/vehicle with your funds especially because car accidents are never planned, I guess that is why they are called accidents. 

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What coverage should you consider for your car? 
If you are a little bit unsure of what insurance policy to settle for and what coverage it entails, I will suggest you please stay safe with comprehensive insurance. 

Comprehensive insurance is a type of policy that covers the accidental repairs of both your vehicle or that of the third party or both of your vehicles depending on the situation of the scene. The good part about comprehensive car insurance is that the policy is not limited to car repairs alone, but also embraces medical bills attributed to the scene of the accident.  

For a case where your vehicle was stolen, or you had encountered a fatal accident with the vehicle without possible redemption, comprehensive insurance would provide you with another car. [terms and conditions always apply, so get clarity on each field while completing your policy. 

Who has the cheapest car insurance? 
While this is based on the feedback from active users, reviews, and merits accordingly, the cheapest car insurance is GEICO. GEICO has enjoyed a good fan base on a global level, and the UAE [United Arab Emirates] is part of the countries where they are provided. 

Easy to say, GEICO has the cheapest car insurance going by the findings provided by users and reviews. 

What's the cheapest online car insurance? 
It gets interesting to know that the result being six and half a dozen are the same in the scheme of mathematics. The cheapest online car insurance and the conventional/traditional mode of buying insurance from a brick-and-mortar office or agent still have GEICO has the cheapest. 

This means that for both online and offline car insurance, GEICO is the cheapest to consider. 

So, when next you’re looking for the perfect answer to why you or anyone needs car insurance, let these words on ignorance guide you, that: whoever considers education is expensive could alternatively consider ignorance. 

Taking car insurance, especially a comprehensive one is a good movie you shouldn’t think twice. 
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