Why Edge computing is important in 2022

Why Edge computing is important in 2022
Computing has gone beyond the good use of QWERTY keyboards and a visual display unit to make visible the data input. 

Computing in today's terms is any goal-oriented activity that includes the study and experimentation of algorithmic processes, which involves the development and integration of hardware and software applications. 

Edge computing, like most technologies, has enjoyed a good buzz, especially when people are uncertain of what edge it has in the liberating process flow or how beneficial it is to our daily lives and technology as a whole. In this article, I will be addressing why edge computing is an essential tool to look out for in 2022. 

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What is edge computing? 

Wikipedia best defines edge computing as a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the sources of data. 

This is expected to improve response times and save bandwidth. Edge computing is a form of architecture and not just a specific technology as assumed by most people. 

It is regarded as a topology-and location-sensitive form of distributed computing. 

What makes edge computing special? 

You must have come across the different types of network topologies like Star, Ring, straight through, and Mesh topologies, and you wonder where Edge fits in as all of these. 

Well, in a world where the daily staggering computing power of IoT devices has resulted in unprecedented volumes of data and its ripple growth process with the 5G network will only amount to active phone users and data consumption. 

Also, the unprecedented scale and complexity of data created by interconnected devices has outpaced available network capabilities, causing bandwidth and latency issues, which is where edge computing comes in. 

Why is edge computing important in 2022? 

  1. It is important as it enables faster and more comprehensive data analysis, creating the opportunity for deeper insights, better response times, increased interaction, swift data packet exchange, and improved customer experiences. 
  2. Edge computing offers a more efficient way of processing and analyzing data closer to its point of creation. 
  3. With this technology, it can be said that edge computing knocks the process of data traversing over a network to a cloud or data center to be processed such that latency is reduced compared to conventional procedures. 
  4. Edge computing brings enterprise applications closer to data sources like the IoT [Internet of Things] devices or local edge servers. 
  5. They also bring enterprise applications closer to data sources like the IoT [Internet of Things] devices or local edge servers, as you may note. 
  6. It helps unlock the potential of untapped data created by interconnected devices. 
  7. One of the wonders of edge computing models is that they can help accelerate and analyze data locally compared to traditional computing processes. 
  8. If done carefully, edge computing can ensure workloads are up-to-date, going by existing policies that help enforce privacy and adherence to data residency standards. 
  9. The data generated daily by billions of devices can be better stored, manipulated, analyzed, and routed depending on the user's discretion. 
  10. Edge computing can accommodate future technologies like virtual and augmented reality [AR/VR], self-driving cars, IoT, and other inventions that require a level of fast processing and response. 

In conclusion, edge computing is simply a less stringent and less expensive way of storing large volumes of data. For companies considering saving costs, edge computing is a good enough reason. 

Trends have shown that organizations that had earlier sampled the cloud, among other technological advancements, have discovered that the bandwidth cost was higher than expected and have chosen a less expensive alternative in edge computing. 

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