Why is digital identity important?

Why is digital identity important?
If I could sound all poetic, I can easily say: to everyone, a name is attached, likewise to everything is given.  

Where a name is ascribed to a thing, identification makes it easier to point them out, or relate to them with broad understanding. 

Just like our ID cards have us easily identified with a name, what we represent in the title, and whom we represent as a body [organization, religious house, school, etc.], the place of identity saves time of introduction, makes the third party comfortable to relate with one, and other protocols are broken. 

In the digital space, the weight of identity enjoys the same energy, but is more sensitive, especially since there is no physical relationship to help out; everything is virtual here. 

Today’s article will have me share with you some outlines in digital identity, as we consider what is digital identity, examples of digital identity, what is digital identity in social media, and some pointers on featured snippets. 

How do you define digital identity? 
Digital identity can be best defined as a profile created for an individual or a body that says who they are, what they do, and other features related to them for easy identification in the digital space.  

Digital identity is a digital biography of an entity, giving a virtual face to what it/they represent for best to bridge a gap of doubt, and build a bond of reception. The perception that a thing/body has carved a niche for itself in the virtual world can be easily termed as digital identity. 

What is a digital identity for example? 
Digital identity is simply an online presence, and what it can be better interpreted as. The providing of data online that can be traced back to an entity, thing, or body to fill out a view of who they are and what they represent is known as digital identity. 

While digital identity is a virtual representation of what a thing or body represents and means, a bio, a photo, online bank data, posts or comments written, probable information obtained from search engine history are all examples of digital identity. Anything that has a service or purpose and has found usage online is instantly an identity it may be labelled/identified as. 

What is digital identity in social media?  
I believe you have a better understanding of what Digital identity is all about. If so, you can easily flesh up the meaning by adding social media into it, since this is just the same meaning but in a unique field. 

Digital identity in social media is a virtual presence of what one/thing stands for. This can even be as slang, an alias, a trend, or a perception coined to drive energy in the minds of online users in the social media space. 

Digital identity is not limited to a name of an individual, it is neither limited to what services or functions they carry. For all we know, Digital identity could even be coy, however, it is what was intended by the identity creator to perform a certain function, or stir an intentional call; more like a CTA [Call to Action] 

What have featured snippets? 
Featured snippets are brief excerpts from a webpage that appear in search engine results to address potential inquiries. These snippets are often selected from a pool of possibilities that have been tailored to your search. This might be accomplished by introducing keywords, long-tail keywords, and so on. 

Does the acronym GIGO come familiar to you? Well, Garbage in Garbage out is one sure process to describe the featured snippets, likewise Digital identity. Whatever featured snippet pulled out is a result of the information the digital space was earlier fed with. 

Why is the featured snippet relevant? 
1. It saves you time to search. 
2. It gives you a brief understanding of related searches. 
3. It gives related options to have a robust understanding of your search. 
4. Featured snippets show one similar question asked, something like the FAQs. 
5. Featured snippets are good for an SEO [Search Engine Optimization] 
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