Why is Digital Marketing important?

Why is Digital Marketing important?
With the staggering growth of the Internet daily, a flux of people spends their time online, either for leisure, the quest for information, or business ticks. Metrics have shown that over 7.9 billion people use the Internet globally, which forms an integral part of everyday life. 

Business startups focus on how to get their first group of customers. While they may rely on traditional forms of marketing, such as hiring the best salesman, print ads and signages, or TV ads. Others with much more guts are certain that their good product or service would spiral customers by default and they will soon be spotted. 

While these strategies are sane and could generate a trickle of business, how about a place of more? 

This article has a further dip into new school marketing, leveraging the digital space as a tool to thrive and harness globalization for your personal/business gains. 

What about Digital Marketing? 
Digital marketing is a great tool for the success of any organization since it allows one to build an authoritative online presence. 89 percent of marketers believe that new school tactics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising are effective and have proven to spike brand recognition by up to 80%. 

Digital Marketing is an extension of traditional marketing, which is the creating awareness of a product or service, stirring up the conviction to the minds of the audience and the eventual conversion to sale; however, with the new age, the worst thing that could befall any entity or business is to be left behind or live in a state of denial, therefore the place of Digital Marketing comes to play, where Digital tools and platforms are plugged-in to the common aim of the traditional marketer. 

The Watchtower - Web Design Agency, Dubai, is your best bet for Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, and other tailored services for your business. 

Why is Digital Marketing Important? 
1. Brand Visibility
The Internet is a great pool and tool to harness, and with the right content churned out timely, chances of you been seen is higher no thanks to Search Engine Optimization that makes your web pages rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages [SERP] and doubles your visibility and conversion rate. 

2. Less Cost
One of the reasons Digital Marketing is important is because digital marketing methods are less expensive compared to most traditional marketing strategies, they are more affordable to SMEs. 

3. Increase in Sales
Going by the earlier mentioned statistics on the flux of people on the internet, most businesses' prospective audiences are online, therefore, digital marketing helps to improve sales. 

4. Create a community
Digital marketing, particularly social media marketing, enables you to build a community that interacts with the business, therefore forging an emotional bond between the brand and its consumers. 

5. Metrics
With the aid of a digital marketing plan, concise metrics of growth can be monitored and tweaked often for desired results. Digital Marketing is considerably easier to review and measure than traditional marketing methods. 

6. Create channels
Digital marketing as a tool creates a range of marketing channels for a certain audience or intended feedback, such that, with the use of the Internet and social networks, a significant influence on brand reach and placement is better attained. For instance, one could use Facebook for general information dissemination since we have a vast denomination of age on this platform or the pick of Instagram for the millennials or tech-savvy audience depending on the intent of the content and the feedback in view. 

7. Relationship
There is always a better feel and connection when customer interaction is available. This could be through having social media handles available for updates on new services or products, and this as a tool could also serve for customers to channel their feedback on a service or inquiry where necessary. 

8 Digital Marketing Channels
Digital Marketing as a new age tool under Traditional marketing relies on strategies to achieve the desired output, examples of these are seen below. 
1. Website. 
2. Blogs. 
3. Social media platform. 
4. Infographics. 
5. Search Engine Optimization [SEO] 
6. Online Adverts [online ads] 
7. Newsletter. 
8. E-mail Marketing. 

In conclusion, the place of Digital Marketing is quite sensitive for any modern business to thrive, hence there is a need to have the right team of creatives who understands your vision and can shape it into a Marketing plan, deploying the right Digital Marketing channels at its best; A name to trust for these is The Watchtower - Web Design Agency, Dubai. 

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