Why is Dubai a Global Hub?

Why is Dubai a Global Hub?
As a graduate of computer science, coming up with today’s topic, and how best to convey while carrying every reader along brought back memories.  

Just as the computer works with its “Fetch” request procedures, perhaps with a keyword as a hub [some SEO moves there], I can't help but think of a topic called Topology, where we have different topologies on how a network of systems can be arranged. 

One essential device that is as important as your assurance of transferring data packets in any of the topologies is the hub. While a hub could be considered as a routing device, that receives or sends out data packets from/to the intended file address using a protocol, Dubai, in this context would be considered in today’s article how it suddenly became this sensitive and important to the global space. 

Why is Dubai a global hub? 
Captions like “What the media would not tell you” must have sold better here, but hey, the media has this information, and if all information is correct, Dubai can be said to have been “Woke” [a term used by the new generation for keeping it real uniquely... lol] from its early days. Dubai has been geographically uniquely positioned on the map that it became a hub between Iran and India in the Gulf before the discovery of the black gold. 

Dubai was privileged to have had distinct rulers, perhaps a ruler with foresight at that age, people like Sheikh Rashid who sensed the need to not be perturbed by their inability to find oil while their neighbours were already drilling oil. Sheikh Rashid capitalized on the trade in the 1960s and was not carried away by their earning prowess then, even after they struck gold in 1966, Dubai had a vision, and this [in my words] is simply: to do more continuously. 

Oh yes, Dubai made some earnings with the black gold some good funds and projects were better cited in the course of this, however, like Oliver Twist in the popular book by Charles Dickens, Dubai wanted all, Dubai wanted more. It wanted a sustainable economy not wholly dependent on oil, hence it spread out into technology, construction, healthcare, tourist attraction, luxury malls, robotics, space exploration, and a handful of them.

The beautiful part is that while extending tentacles in all of these, Dubai stood away from being mediocre but excelled in all fields significantly, which makes them a hub, and a worthy consideration not just for the UAE, or the Gulf, or the Middle East, Dubai has intentionally become a global hub for accolades. 

Is Dubai a business hub?  
Well, this is not distant to the parent country, the UAE, as the country has been one known for its open arms to immigrants, ex-pats, especially investors, whereby building relationships that are flexible enough to permit and enable business development. 

Dubai, just like the UAE has been a business hub as seen in the development of a range of industries through the diversity and inclusion concept. 

Dubai is a business hub that has a space for any business entity or individual to thrive and floss. Dubai has had this possible through less stringent policies and enabling the structure to make the growth process seamless.  

How did Dubai become a business hub? 
Dubai became a business hub by identifying on time that oil production may not be forever. Good thing that was clear from the get-go, hence they were able to harness their energy in creating jaw-dropping edifice, creation of tourist attractions, leveraging on hospitality in hotel services, state of the art medical centres that make them considerable globally, technology development, and partnerships, construction, web developers and coders, the list is endless. 

Dubai has over the years grown into intentionally becoming a city to always consider on the map.  

Will Dubai still be relevant in this Post COVID-19 phase? 
While this is a tough one, Dubai is counting a decline in the numbers compared to life before the pandemic. Dubai has been strategic enough to leverage another field of business to ensure stability to its economy. 

Tourists are a bit sceptical about travelling for their holidays, which makes several regular fun things to do in Dubai staggering, although the numbers were gradually picking up before the emergence of the new strain Omicron which was first sighted in the UAE in December, the new mutated strain Ihu is another cause for worry, however, we trust the leadership of Dubai to path through this phase again. 
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