Why is Everyone Suddenly Talking About Tesla Cars?

Why is Everyone Suddenly Talking About Tesla Cars?
The Tesla company has, in recent days, been making the rounds of the news for many reasons. While part of it has been the ability for the company to enjoy a global brand affinity that continually remains the choice electric car for the vast majority, it was also seen that there was a reason for a recall of some production batches due to some fault observed. 

With a whopping number of cars reaching over one million in the U.S. that will be recalled due to a software glitch, car owners who have identified with the celebrated auto brand, Tesla, might suddenly have reasons to worry about the integrity of the car and the services it ought to provide. 

In this post, I will be sharing with you the latest on the reason Tesla cars have been talked about in recent times. I will also share with you the models that have been in the news for these same reasons, and every other scoop to make your sundae palatable. 

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Why is everyone talking about Tesla? 

The giant automobile electric vehicle brand Tesla will be recalling nearly 1.1 million cars in the US because the windows might close quite fast and pinch people's fingers in the process. Car owners might have posed a level of fear after identifying what was tagged as a glitch in the car window.  

According to documents published on September 22 by U.S. safety regulators, Tesla said production testing carried out in August identified a fault in the window's automatic reversal system. The automatic windows are designed to stop if they detect an obstruction as they close.  

Although Tesla had mentioned that the odds were less of their car window harming anyone, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has warned that if the window detects an obstruction, it may “exert more force than before retracting,” and also “retract less than the distance required” by law.  

In the agency’s verdict, it is believed that this increases the “risk of a pinching injury to the occupant.” 

Would Tesla be recalling the cars as advised? 

After much talk and the need to ease the fears of car users, the automaker has agreed to recall almost 1.1 million electric vehicles (EVs) from all four Tesla models—the S, 3, X, and Y—in a notice made public some days back.  

While this recall is not tagged to a particular car edition, the subject claim ranges from the 2017 to 2022 models. Since the S was first introduced by Tesla in 2012, a little over 3 million vehicles have been built. 

How would Tesla fix the glitch observed in the cars? 

According to the recall, Tesla intends to address this issue with an "over-the-air update," similar to how an iPhone or other related software glitch is fixed, rather than by having the customer visit a Tesla service center.  

Tesla, being concerned about the comfort and ease of their customers, mentioned that all that is required is an update and not a drive down to their inspection centers. 

Is there a reason to worry about the Tesla car models? 

This question comes to mind, especially when the last 10 months have seen Tesla conduct at least 10 recalls. 

The automaker recalled 110,000 Model Ss and 356,000 Model 3s in December due to potential issues with the front hood opening on its own and the rear-view camera being harmed by opening and closing the trunk.  

Again, Tesla informed the NHTSA that only 14% of the Model S vehicles and an estimated 1% of the Model 3 have problems. 

While Tesla continues to strive as an exceptional E.V brand, these shortfalls may begin to stir panic, considering that the car is supposed to be smart. What if they experience a faulty sensor that the car fails to detect and ends up jeopardizing their lives as car owners of the Tesla brand? 

In conclusion, Tesla has the understanding that in building a great vision, there are bound to be some challenges in the process. And while these challenges are observed, they will be addressed and rectified while they continue to beat their path as an exception car giant brand for EVs across the globe. 

Tesla’s shares were observed to nose dive by about 3.5% on Thursday due to fears of all that could be wrong. However, CEO Elon Musk has assured us that it is a glitch that never recorded a casualty. 

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