Why is Google Analytics important for Digital Marketing?

Why is Google Analytics important for Digital Marketing?
The term digital marketing should even be the order of the day considering the evolution of man and technology in recent years, likewise the understanding of the 4th industrial revolution which ties with the digital media being the new tool considered for every sphere of life this date. 

As been mentioned, businesses who seek to stand the chance of being relevant other than stroking their ego with their prowess in service delivery or exceptional products must rely on digital marketing for a wider reach. While there would be a need to checkmate efforts put into work using digital marketing, the term analytics makes it easier for review. Analytics would have you identify data, while you compare to then take an action for the benefit of your business/brand. 

In this insightful piece, we shall consider why Google analytics is important for digital marketing in this time and era. 

What is Google Analytics? 
Digital marketing is one of the numerous services The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai provides for all clients. 

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google to monitor and track website traffic for data analysis. 

Google Analytics is also considered a tool to track patterns of a website. With Google Analytics, users can utilize the data to better understand consumers and take action when it's appropriate. 

What are the benefits of Google Analytics in digital marketing? 
1. Increases your website search ranking. 
With the aid of SEO [Search Engine Optimization], one could improve the website’s ranking using keywords to optimize your online presence. Google Analytics will help identify the right keywords and enhance the visibility of the website amidst competitors. 

2. You have the opportunity to monitor progress reports. 
You'll be able to create your marketing goals after you have adequate information on your target clients. Goals may be set up in Google Analytics, which can help your business tremendously. You may also assign a monetary value to individual tasks and use GA tools to assess their profitability. 

3. Identify the right platforms for digital marketing. 
Google Analytics will help determine the most effective marketing channels for your company. One can also determine which social media channels better get your target audience. This would help best channel one’s energy constructively. 

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for enhancing the company's visibility, which ripples to boost sales, and catch up, or surpass your competitors if applied appropriately. 

4. It aids data compilation. 
By transforming the obtained data into more complete and appealing charts, graphs, and spreadsheets, Google Analytics helps you to make sense of it. It enables you to accurately assess your website's performance while also allowing you to construct relevant dashboards that are critical for attaining business objectives. 

5. Google Analytics helps with segmentation. 
Google Analytics can assist you in determining the performance of your SEO strategies. It allows you to keep track of how many people visit your website and how engaged they are online. 

As a result, you'll be able to further categorize your users based on their visit frequency, location, and referral channels. 

Segmenting allows you to learn a lot about your consumers and successfully target them, allowing you to give more value and customization to your online campaigns where it's needed. 

How is Google Analytics used in marketing? 
Marketing is quite an intentional act, and what digital tool can one better leverage than Google Analytics to make smooth the marketing experience. Everyone who operates a website would seek to know information on who visits their site and what they do when they are active.  

Easy to say, marketers use Google Analytics to figure out how marketing campaigns work and how the user experience of a website affects things like conversion and possible retention. 

How to analyze digital marketing data. 
Perhaps you didn’t know digital marketing was way sensitive than how you had presumed. It takes a conscious effort in using the online space as a marketing channel to prospective clients. Below are some metrics in analyzing digital marketing now. 

1. Social Media Engagement. 
When it comes to the lifetime of a brand and how people connect with their organization over time, social media engagement is one of the most crucial KPIs [Key Performance Index] to track. 

2. Site Traffic. 
With the use of Google Analytics, the data site’s traffic can be better evaluated, or you can use site traffic or even data plugins on your site. These will provide you with a clear picture of your site traffic as well as which digital marketing efforts are doing the best for your business. 
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