Why is Link building important?

Why is Link building important?
If you had a good understanding of Search Engine Optimization [SEO], then link building would be a household name as well. While online business owners have a common aim of gaining exposure, increasing visibility, and closing sales or relationships, one of the tools deployed for increasing search engine ranking is building quality links, or link building as it's commonly referred to. 

Today’s article will give us an understanding of what link building is, why it is important, what a link building plan is, its strategy, its techniques, and one of the popular questions-if it is illegal. Kindly read through to the end. 

What is Link Building? 
Link building is the practice of creating hyperlinks from other websites to your own for links. This technique, like any other SEO scheme, causes search engines to crawl the links between individual pages on your website as well as the relationships between entire domains. 

While SEO and link building as a digital tool have always been intertwined, the significance of building high-quality links has been a major element in how our online business thrives. Therefore, link building is the extra effect that causes a page to rank higher than a competitor's. It is therefore critical to comprehend the significance of link building as part of a high-quality SEO plan to fight for online exposure. 

What are the link-building techniques? 
You would agree that for every building plan, there are several ways one could go about it. These, in this context, are identified as link building techniques. 

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Link building techniques are simply carefully thought out plans to drive numbers and traction on your landing page. Below are some link-building techniques you can use. 

1. Guest Blogging. 
Another link-building technique is guest blogging, which involves writing blog articles on other websites. This initiative is an excellent scheme to establish thought leadership and gain links from authoritative sites. 

2. Image Credit Link Building. 
This is simply giving credit to the photo source when posts are shared on your platform. It is simply leveraging the coattails of a thriving website for yours. 
3. Content Syndication. 
Content syndication is a good way to start and increase visibility for link building. Content syndication is a process initiated after an article has been written, whereby the article is syndicated to a host of platforms to build backlinks and create additional visibility. Examples of such platforms are Facebook, Linked In, Medium, and Business2Community. 

What is the best link-building strategy? 
To begin with, a link-building strategy is a process of obtaining links back to your website to increase your authority and search engine rankings. Creating infographics and guest blogging are two common link-building techniques. 

Amongst these common strategies, the one that appeals the most is guest blogging. 
The best and most common link-building method is guest blogging. It ultimately comes down to producing high-quality content ranging from articles, infographics, videos, etc. that others want on their platform to promote your platform. 

Is link building illegal? 
If you wanted a direct answer, it would be "no." Link building is not illegal. However, there are heights to these things. Link building could be considered illegal if there are spamming messages included in the process. 

Spamming messages or links are considered as putting out-of-context links on websites, discussion forums, blog comments, guestbooks, or any other online arena where users are shown from the primary link. 

What is a link-building plan? 
A link-building plan is a consistent and organized set of tactics used to generate backlinks to a website within a time frame. It adheres to recommended practices for gaining more links back to your website to enhance the efficacy of your plan and avoid getting flagged by Google. 

Why is link building important? 
Link building finds importance as an SEO service component since it assists search engines in discovering new web pages and determining how high a page should rank in Search Engine Result Pages [SERPs]. 

Link building is agreed to be one of the most significant ranking criteria for Google asides from quality content writing and Search Engine Optimization. [SEO] The website's authority and trustworthiness. 

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