Why is packaging important for marketing?

Why is packaging important for marketing?
When there are several thousand companies which are doing exactly what you are doing. In the same genre, similarly, we need to find ways which will make us different from our competitors and make a sale.

When the competition is so high, we have to make creative use of all the resources that we have in our hands. 

One of the most fundamental things that can help us with this competition is the packaging.

It might sound like a simple and no-brainer answer to our problem. An answer so simple that it seems like people would not fall for such a simple thing.

But surprisingly, this simple thing is seen to have a strong impact on customer choice.  

In this blog, we will talk about the importance of packaging for a brand and the role of packaging in marketing the products.

If that is something that you are looking for then this blog is for you. 

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Why is packaging important for a brand?

The need for Packaging was felt in the 19th century when sellers were looking for effective ways to ship their products that would prevent their products from being damaged. That’s where we would find the origin of modern packaging.

The main purpose of having packaging on a product was to protect and keep it safe. 
But now that the competition for the survival of a brand is brutal. It is a smart decision to become resourceful and creative.
This is where the principles of modern packaging and marketing came into place. In this section, we will talk about why packaging is important to the brand. 
Here, we have listed a few points to show how important packaging is for a brand.

Brand awareness 

Brand awareness is an important criterion for a brand to know how well it is doing as a brand and whether is it even reaching its target customers or not.

Brand awareness is a parameter to see how many customers are aware of its existence and knows a certain brand.

This is an important task as it would help us to see if a brand is reaching its target audience or not.

But how does packaging help with all this?

When you have good product packaging, then you are subconsciously attracting customers to it, experimenting with different types of designs will help with creating awareness among customers. 

Little things like custom printed tape with logo will help with increasing brand awareness.

Brand story

A brand story is a process of creating an emotional connection with the target audience and the brand. It consists of the history, values, beliefs, rules, mission, vision and many more things. 

Telling all these things not only helps with creating a bond with the target customers as well as helps the customer to resonate with a brand.

Brand Image Building 

Brand image is something that comes after building brand awareness and telling people about the brand story. This is the third step in the marketing strategy of a brand.

A brand image is seen as the opinion of the people and the target customer about a certain brand.

And a brand strives for a positive brand image which is obvious, as not even a single person will buy from a brand that is considered as bad or worthless.

Packaging plays an important in this one, simple thing such as the quality of packaging determines the image that the brand is building around itself.

A good product with cheap packaging will not be seen as a luxury or high-end product. And if you are trying to build a brand that promotes sustainability ad yet you are using plastic wrapping then your promise, product and your vision are not adding up.

Build trust 

Building trust is an important step for a brand in this age of the internet as most of the time the product that we are ordering from an online website that does not have a physical shop. 

As it lacks the trust and comfort of a traditional shop, it is important to compensate for that loss with a good unboxing experience. 

A good unboxing experience will help the customer to think that this brand values its customer which is crucial in this age of mass-produced products.

What is the role of packaging in marketing?
In the previous section, we talked about the reasons behind the importance of packaging for a brand. In this section, we will talk about the role of packaging in marketing.

Before we talk about the role of packaging, it is important to talk about marketing a little so that it is easier to understand these points. 

If we talk about the definition of marketing, then we will find that according to the Oxford Dictionary, “Marketing is the work or business which promotes and sells the products or services, of a brand or company which includes market research and advertising.”

That being said, all the things that are done to promote, advertise or create awareness about the service or products come under marketing.

As we said in the beginning companies and brands will have to become resourceful and pay attention to the resources that they have in hand to create a successful venture.

Attracts customer 

When we are shopping in the market, we see that all the similar things are placed in the same place. But does it matter?

It is because when we are trying to attract customers to buy our things we need to be better than our competitors. We have to stand out while we are placed in the same section.

How to do that? With the help of packaging. As packaging is the only tool that will help us to attract our customers.

Having nice and eye-catchy designs help to attract the customer who will buy the product.

Improves sales 

Sale is the heart and blood of every business. For a business to survive, we need to make sure that we are selling enough to sustain our business and our employees.

Good product packaging is something that should tell a great story about the brand and impresses the customers by resonating with them. 

The packaging should act as a silent salesperson who will pursue the target customer to buy the product.

Hello! We have reached the end of this blog which is about the reasons behind the importance of packaging in marketing. In this blog, we have talked about the importance of packaging for a brand. Then we discussed the role of packaging in marketing.

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