Why is social media important?

Why is social media important?

If I were a musician, I would have waxed an album from the aftermath of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic breakout, stressing the value and importance of social media to all cadre, especially for business owners. Who knows, I might have had a Grammy award alongside one of my favorite musicians, Burna boy from Nigeria.

For many people, social media is an escape from boredom and a meet-up with friends and families. The place of the likes of Tik Tok, which gained more audience during the lockdown, Zoom, Skype, Instagram, and of course Facebook are core examples of social media platforms that played actively during the lockdown. 

In today’s topic, we shall examine social media as a subject, while we consider its role and importance in the new world order for everyone. It will be worthwhile if you read through to the end.

While the world saw a different twist during the year 2020, with workers being laid off as corporations and multinationals folded up since business was disrupted globally and people had to consider health and wellness first, before the place of trade or services, the conventional business owners that required interfacing or due to the service they render were traditionally affected, however, other than a few organizations accepted the change and found a way to circumvent it, all thanks to the social media.

The Role of social media in today’s world

The sooner you understand and readjust, knowing that the world has gone digital and globalization has taken its core, the better for anything you represent. The gospel of globalization has implored the warm reception of social media as a tool.

In case you missed the news, did you know that Facebook currently sits an active online user base of over 2.8 billion on a daily? Talking about a tool to leverage on.

For the millennials and crossover baby boomers, it has come to a norm that social media listening gives your organization a greater grasp of what's working and what should be scrapped, this goes a long way toward improving the brand’s perception and market penetration. It is therefore pivotal to be aware of what people are saying about your brand as well as your rivals so you can review or revamp where necessary.

5 Importance of social media.


Well, if not for anything, social media affords you the peculiarity of reaching your target demographic more quickly. This could come as producing a project or introducing a new service and posting it, whether it's a news announcement or a video, this certainly gets the attention of online surfers searching platforms for information and there you have it, viral marketing commences... effortlessly.


Compared to the conventional advertisement which is one-way, social media marketing enjoys the interactive play of services and products in form of reviews, ratings, feedback, and chat, which influences your business. No advert had ever published the shortcoming of a company; however, social media finds you out for your truth.

Followers may easily share your promos and content indirectly, they can speak highly or ill about you and your services, which ripples to traffic to your social networks. This is arguably a useful tool since most customers trust recommendations from friends than suggestions from companies.


You don’t need to wait for your monthly meetings to confirm how well you are doing as a brand. There are Key Performance Indicators [KPI] that could be tracked using social media platforms and management solutions 


Whether you are a brand as a company or as an individual, social media makes you seen without borders. Little wonder why you can get a friend request on Facebook from Vladimir, far up in Russia, while you are here in downtown South Africa. Same unchanneled energy cuts across for business entities since you can easily be dug up [with the right SEO tools as well] and contacted seamlessly.


It gets clearer each passing day that social media has come to stay, we can either tap into the pool of unwavering benefits it provides and harnesses it to soothe our vision or sit back and gripe over how globalization has left us behind. The growing minds that tapped into the new reality of working remotely during the pandemic breakout and embraced deployment of services from the digital space certainly smiled to the Bank. To think it costs less and has greater returns, than demerit, it would only be fair to say that social media is the future; don’t get left behind.

It is often said that there are 3 sets of people in the world, those who make a move to change, those who complain of the change and do nothing and those who are ignorant; have been fed with this information, now, make a move to leverage on social media.

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